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Jun 24, 2009 12:54 PM

Incredible Kosher Cooking Classes Offered at The JCC on 76th&Amsterdam!

Just thought I'd share that the JCC in Manhattan has a state of the art Kosher Culinary Arts Studio (both meat and dairy classes!) and offers incredible cooking classes! The staff of Chef Instructors is very impressive, many of them also teach at ICE & FCI or are still working as executive chefs in top notch restaurants. I did not realize they have such a variety of classes which in fact, are more reasonably priced than at some other recreational cooking schools. You can even take a series such as Baking and Pastry Arts for less than at ICE, but the instruction is just as good, if not better.

If you are trying to cut back on eating out to save$$ , taking a cooking class is a great way to save and learn how create gourmet restaurant t quality food right at home!

I just signed up for this class:

Fish Tech

Secrets of the sea are unveiled in this extensive three-part fish techniques class. You will learn how to select and store, bone, fillet, poach, grill, and pan sear. You’ll create a homemade fish stock and learn how to match mouthwatering sauces to your favorite fish as you apply learned techniques to an assortment of exquisite seafood recipes from around the world.
Day 1 Recipes: Crispy flounder with tartar sauce, pan seared grouper with tomato basil beurre blanc, fried cod with caper shallot sauce, Dover sole poached in white wine and dill, snapper croquettes with remoulade sauce, and horseradish encrusted salmon with leek cream.
Day 2 Recipes: Barbeque grilled salmon, pesto glazed grilled sea bass, tuna pot roast, braised halibut with artichokes and tomatoes, roasted glazed salmon, and whole roasted snapper with roasted beet coulis.
Day 3 Recipes: Tuna carpaccio with Asian salad, spicy tuna rolls, salmon tartare crostinis, fish terrine, smoked grouper paté, and smoked salmon and goat cheese roulades.
Instructor: John Scoff

Jul 20 - Jul 22
6:30 PM - 9:30 PM
Location: The JCC in Manhattan, 334 Amsterdam Ave. at 76th St.

They have their cooking classes posted here:

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  1. Thanks for the information! It seems as though you're the Director of these programs, so maybe you can answer some questions. Is the JCC kitchen completely kosher? Also, does 'member' mean a member of that specific JCC or just of any JCC?

    1. JGoren--

      I don't mind this info being posted, but in this day and age of easy access to information online, like simply looking at the JCC website and seeing that a "Jennifer Goren" is the "Director of Culinary Arts," why would you come on here with JGoren as your name and post some nonsense like "I did not realize they have such a variety of classes which in fact, are more reasonably priced than at some other recreational cooking schools." and "I just signed up for this class . . ." C'mon, we're not stupid here; many of us can read straight through a ridiculous lie. And since this is your one and only post, it's all that much more obvious. I don't think it's against the rules here to provide this info openly; why not do it in a more honest way?

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      1. re: queenscook

        queens- that's what I was thinking, but I didn't want to say it!

      2. Either way, I think it's great that they have these classes. The menus online seem to be very unique, and I'd love to learn how to make kosher versions of the food I see all over. I experiment with recipes I get from the Food network, but I'm not a well trained cook by any means. Kosher classes are great because then I don't have to even think about what to substitute, or if there are kosher brands of ingredients used.