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Jun 24, 2009 12:41 PM

40 Interns -- Sandwiches and or pizza around Prospect Park East?

Help! I have 40 interns I am taking to Prospect Park and various cultural institutions in August, and we are hard up to find a lunch place. We're a cultural non-profit, so really, no more than $7-$8 a person and within walking distance from the eastside of the park. Sandwiches and/or pizza preferable. Any ideas? We're desperate.

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  1. If you are going to the Botanic Garden there is food served there. Its not cheap but would probably be around your range. check with the Library too - there was going to be food service there. Most of the food on the E side of the Park is Caribbean tho it strikes me there is a fast food place or two rather near the Park.. I think there is at least one pizzeria along the park on PPSW but thats a long way from the E side of the park.On Vanderbilt Ave, down the hill from Eastern Parkways, there are several places, Tom's Luncheonette, for example.
    Maybe you could order Pizzas to be delivered to a defined location on the edge of the park? that would be an interesting approach.

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      Bene Pizza is on PPSW and Vanderbilt, truly bad pizza.Only slice I ever threw away unable to finish it.

      Enzo's on PPW and 16th is a 5 minute walk from there and does a nice brick oven pizza. Neapolitan style thin crust and the sauce is more like diced San Marzano tomatoes with garlic and they have a nice big back room that will accomodate 40

    2. You can go to Mitchells and each intern can split a sandwich. They are so big and only in the $8 range. Another alternative is Christie's or Little Miss Muffin's for Chicken and Beef Patties, that's a cheap, yet delicious route, but not too much variety.

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        but note those are on the West side of the park.

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          is there any particular reason you need the East side of the park? I would also second Enzo's, which is on the Southwest end. They serve pizzas and pannini or you could pre-order large pastas plates, like lasagne or ziti--well within your budget. Plus they are large enough to accommodate your group--not too many others right near the park could fit 40.