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Jun 24, 2009 12:18 PM

Top 5 Cheap Ethnic Clean Hartford CT

Staying a few weekends for a workshop so need inexpenive but excellent clean inexpenive food. Any ideas? I love more organic type food but any interesting ethnic I love. Thanks also any great yummy bakeries?

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  1. Tangiers on Farmington Avenue for falafel and other goodies. They have several take-away foods that the owners can heat up there.

    1. Boy, you're all over this board! ;)

      Here's a few of my faves to check out. All clean, reasonably priced, casual, and very good.

      East West Grille - Thai. Prosepct St.
      Coyote Flaco - Mexican. New Britain Ave
      Pho Boston - Veitnamese. Shield Plaza, New Britain Ave.
      Cora Cora - Peruvian. Shield Plaza, New Britain Ave.
      La Fonda - Columbian, Franklin Ave.
      India Oven - Indian, Park Ave.
      Brazil Grill - Brazillin, Park Ave.

      If you want to get adventurous check out the El Mercado market on Park Ave. They've got a food court packed with stalls filled with steam tables selling all sorts of latin american stuff -- I'm usually the only gringo at the place.

      I second Tangiers.

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        Uncle Dave you are the best!!! What about BBQ places?

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          Boy, you sure are all over this board asking questions! Do you search at all? I will refer you to my map of restaurants in Hartford:
          Scroll down and you will find green for Latino, yellow for Asian, etc.
          I cannot vouch for clean, excellent or inexpensive; I think their all relative and YMMV. The ones on my map are almost exclusively from one's I've tried or other Chowhounds have recommended. Cleanliness never came up AFAIK.

          1. re: Scargod

            Re your other burger inquiry, there are 91 replies re "Best Burger in CT" in this very recent thread, many of which are in the greater Hartford area:

            Lots of good info here as well, "Best restaurants in Hartford, West Hartford":

            "Top Hartford Kitchens" thread:

            Not sure if you're searching (you really should since there's so much great info here already!), but will advise that searching by "relevance" vs. "newest first" will net you PLENTY of results.

            And I agree with Scargod, "clean, excellent or inexpensive" are all in the eye of the beholder and YMMV for sure.

        2. Tangiers is great but its really for take out. It does have some stools for eating there.

          Great Italian bakeries on Franklkin Ave- try Mozzicato's.

          I like El Mercado too but clean ??

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            As for El Mercado, well clean certainly wouldn't be my first adjective (I did say "adventurous") but I wouldn't call it downright "dirty" -- it's a cheap ethnic food court, and with stuff really hard to find elsewhere.

          2. can you define "ethnic"? i never know what people mean by that

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            1. re: thew

              THEW:moroccan, turkish, greek, jamaican, thai, mexican, portugese,columbian. Thanks very much, the first 4 are my first choices.

              1. re: nbermas

                For greek there is Tapas on Ann street (not so sure how "greek" this would be) but the food is superb there. Also there is Cavos on the Berlin turnpike in Newington which while I have not yet been has been getting decent reviews on the boards, although I would read the board as there were some true hits and a few misses. For Thai I love Bangkok spice in Glastonbury, (next to Whole Foods) The soups and entrees are wonderful but I am not to fond of most of their apps. Barcelona in West Hartford center is a great place for Tapas, And I just heard of an Ethiopian place on Farmington Avenue called Abyssinian but have not yet tried that either. Have fun!

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                  askkeenan: I love Ethiopian very much. No Moroccan?

                  1. re: nbermas

                    If you do get around to trying it can you drop us a line and let us know how it is? Have fun on you r culinary travels

                    1. re: nbermas

                      Abyssinian is OK - doesn't compare with Ethiopian places in larger cities, but satisfies the fix if you're craving.

                      Monte Alban, the mexican joint next door, is very good. I had recommended Coyote Flaco earlier, which I think it's a touch better though not as authentic -- and Monte Alban has a better Mole.

                      Barcelona is an upscale joint for Suburban folks. If you want Spanish go to Costa Del Sol in Hartford.

                      Tapas is not a Greek place -- it's an eclectic mix of Mediterranean and American stuff. The food's fine, but I've always had awful service at the W Hartford branch.

                      Since you mentioned Moroccan and Turkish as among your top choices, although I'm not aware of those types in the Hartford area I would steer you to two substitutes. 1) Afghan Shis Kebab House in West Hartford, which is nice. And 2) India Olive on New Britain Ave in W Hartford. This is a converted I-Hop with a mostly indian menu, but the owner is a Nepalese guy from Boston and he's got a few Nepalese and Persian sections on the menu -- very good kebabs and the Nepalese dumplings are terrific and unusual.

              2. If you like Moroccan you might like Shish Kebob House in West Hartford. Its a little more than $30 for 2 but well worth it.