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Jun 24, 2009 12:10 PM

rockland sunday night area solo dinner

hello all i will be in rockland for a couple days, and am wondering where my second dinner should be. i already plan on having sushi at suzuki's and cannot wait. i was thinking the edge for their pizza night since i will be coming from hope, but i would really like a nice lobster dinner or lobster roll (not more than $30 tho w/ a drink). i'm thinking waterman's, can anyone give any more funky spots like that? cods end and the dip net may be a bit too far, although it'd be nice to hit up the ice cream place in port clyde if they're open sunday nights. thanks again for any stomach thanks you!

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  1. Village Ice Cream in Port Clyde is open until 9pm, but they sell "Shain's of Maine" ice cream which can probably be found somewhere else closer to Rockland, or in pints in some markets. If you're in Hope, do yourself a favor and drive 15-20 minutes to John's Ice Cream near Lake St. George.

    Waterman's is a great choice for lobster, but they close around 7pm.

    1. I'm hard pressed to think of anything "funkier" than Waterman's if you want a lobster pound; it's the least built up one and always great.
      By the way, I just ate at Suzuki's for the first time and would gladly go back everyday if I could!

      1. Muscongus Bay Lobster Company in Port Clyde is fantastic. Beautiful oysters on the half shell, great lobster dinner. BYO wine or beer.

        1. Try either Amalfi on the Water or the Boathouse in Rockland. The Dip Net has closed permanently. And, is Waterman's even open yet? In any case, Waterman's closes early.

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            thanks for all the recs chowhounds. i think i'm actually gonna go to primo for dollar oysters, then depending on the menu and prices, go elsewhere for dinner. i'm just gonna play it by ear for now, but i may have to have dessert there too since i hear they're fantastic. regarding waterman's, i went there last night instead of suzuki's, cuz the weather was just too dang nice, and these days you have to seize these rare opportunities. it was such an enjoyable dinner, a simple yet delicious lobster roll, w/ what seemed like a homemade bun, light on the mayo w/ a few lemon squeezes. i like how you can customize it, cuz too much mayo just ruins it, and this was the perfect ratio. i brought a nice bottle of brut that i picked up at the wine seller, and a slice of rhubarb pie and boy, was i a happy camper! i had never had rhubarb before, so i had to try it, and the crust was so dense i couldn't even cut it w/ the plastic fork (i hate plastic utensils!). it was really wonderful, w/ a scoop of vanilla round top ice cream. the mist over the ocean had just broken not too long before i got there too, and it looked like an incomplete rainbow if that makes any sense. life is good sometimes...but i was shocked to hear about the dip net; hadn't that place been there
            for awhile? i never did eat there, but went down one day to check out port clyde. it seems like such a loss to the area...

            1. re: unocal

              Just FYI- the bar menu at Primo is excellent, and more affordable than their regular menu. It might not fit the "funky" description, but it's definitely where I would send a solo diner in Rockland. The bar menu prices are on par with other places like Amalfi, which I would frankly not recommend- food is fine, service seems to be consistently bad.

              I haven't tried it, but the Big Fish Cafe on route 1 in Rockland has an interesting menu (lots of local fish and a slightly southwestern theme- homemade salsa, etc). It seems to have gotten some good reviews here, though with places like Primo and Suzuki's in the area, poor Big Fish doesn't make it on the boards too often.

              1. re: happybellynh

                hey happybell, just wanted to give a quick review of my nice sunday evening in rockland. i ended up meeting a friend at primo for $1 oysters at the bar, but unfortunately when we got there, no seats were left! well the bartender was nice and actually came up to us so we just ordered drinks but told him we only wanted oysters and drinks. i had a very tasty margarita made w/ agave syrup and a sauza tequila (i forget which one). a table finally opened up at the bar, and we ordered a dozen oysters, but after 20+ minutes, we were just getting ready to leave, and the girl brought the oysters. i mean it was a full house, but i just thought that was awfully long for a dozen oysters, especially since the couple sitting next to us got theirs at the same time we did and they hadn't been there for more than 5 minutes. i guess i'm just impatient, but i mean really. i would go back and get a real meal there, but alas, that wasn't the time.
                we went down to rustica, but they were closed for a private party, then onto in good company, but after perusing their menu and being told they had sold out of a few dishes, we left and went to amalfi. i felt like i would have left a bit hungry if we had stayed at igc. it was getting late though, and there was only 1 table left at amalfi, but thankfully my friend knows the chef and we got hooked up. the interior of that place, while it is beautiful, it's just way too big for me. it reminds me of a museum or something. but the food was delicious...we had local gay island oysters, and i ended up having the half lobster appetizer in a white wine sauce w/ ricotta gnocchi as well as the crab cakes. i received the half lobster first, and while the gnocchi were a bit wimpy, they were still flavorful, but the sauce was so delicious i wish i had bread to sop it up. the lobster was so tender and succulent i probably could have eaten 3 of those. the crab cakes were divine as well, the crab was just so fresh and they had a nice flavor, although they could have been seared just a bit less. still really good though, just on the crispy side. we also had creme brulee for dessert, and it was so light, w/ fresh raspberries, yummy. i could eat that every day if i didnt care. it was really swell of the chef to cook for us though esp. since they were basically closed when we arrived. but of course i can't wait to get back to rockland, and hopefully it will be sooner rather than later. there's just something truly magnetic about that area. well thanks again to those who responded...cheers!

                1. re: unocal

                  Looking for lunch after a foliage drive, I chose Amalfi's primarily to enjoy the harbor views. Food very good; service non-existent.

                  Lunch menu is more basic. We shared a steamed mussels app. Lots of garlic and butter...what could be bad. (But accompanying bread was lackluster.) Fish and chips...haddock cooked perfectly...moist inside and crispy outside...but lacked seasoning and lacked beer taste in the beer-batter coating. DC had greens and goat cheese salad she was quite happy with.

                  The service was non-existent. 2pm mid-week. 5 or 6 tables that all had already been served. Ignored and had to get up to get the hostess to find a server. She graciously took our order after not finding someone to do it. No one ever took responsibility for our table as several different people brought things to us begrudgingly.

                  Prices reasonable w/ exception of $2.75 per soft drink.

              2. re: unocal

                lobster roll and rhubarb pie at waterman's!!! We're headed to Maine in a couple of weeks. Waterman's is always one of our stops. You made the perfect choice if the weather has been as bad there as it is here in NH with last Sat the only good weather day.

              3. re: Shooley

                Why do people keep saying The DIp Net is closed?! It is *not* closed, I should know, I bartend there Part time. Linda Bean owned the property, and decided this year to exercise her right to run it and did not renew the lease to Scott. It is very very much open and busy. They have free steamed crabs brought in by the lobstermen on occasion, and on certain nights "one buck shuck" where a local guy comes and shucks plump fresh oysters to order on the deck, and last night they had a jazz band. The new number is 372-1112. Not closed at all. Please come down, best view in the Harbor, and the bartender is cool too ;)

                1. re: aynne35

                  Shoot!!!! I wish I knew that. Sailing coastal Maine last week and would have LOVED to end our trip w a meal there. Went to Amalfi in Rockland. Not impressed.

                  1. re: aynne35

                    I didn't realize that she was keeping the place open under the same name. Does Linda Bean have the same menu and wine list as Scott? Sorry, but having tasted her so-called "Perfect Lobster Roll" and finding it full of Miracle Whip, I'm a bit skeptical. Nonetheless, I'm willing to check it out. [ My son-in-law's family ran the Dip Net years and years ago, but it was quite a different kettle of fish, so to speak, than the more recent iterations.]

                    1. re: Shooley

                      Hey Shooley, I agree on the miracle whip, I am a native Mainer, it has to be mayo :) The menu is not the same, but honestly it is really good, and they have fresh everything, and the specials change nightly. The wine list I am not sure, I know it is not the same, but it has some good selections. I are there a lot when Scott had it, the food was great, and it really is great now too. You can order the rolls without miracle whip, or with just butter if you like too. There are live jazz bands at times and an on site oyster shucker, a lot of nights the local fisherman come in and we steam crabs and give them away for free and this year there is a full liquor license and a bar on the deck outside. It is defintiely at least worth a try to see for yourself. I know it stinks when something great changes, but in this case, some changes are better, and that is for you guys the customers to decide. I hope you come down and check it out.

                      1. re: aynne35

                        Thanks, Aynne35...I will check it out. Actually, and you'll maybe see my post elsewhere about the Dip Net, I was never a huge fan of the most recent Dip Net's food. I could never get what all the fuss was about. It was good, and in a great setting, but that's it for me. I did, however, like the Dip Net's most recent wine list and hope it's not too changed. Happy to hear about the lobster roll! [BTW, yesterday, with so many restaurants closed on Monday, my husband and I were having a hard time finding lunch, after waiting at Amalfi once again [!] and being sent away because we'd have to wait even longer than we had time for, so we drove by Jess's market and lo and behold they have lobster rolls! $10.99 So we got a couple and sat on a bench outside by the Rockland harbor. It was grand: lots of lobster, little mayo, nothin' else. It would have been great if the roll could have been toasted, but I quibble. Jess's isn't set up for that. We were happy.)