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Jun 24, 2009 12:08 PM

best case discount on wines in brooklyn?

hey all,
what do you reckon is the place to get the best discount on a case of DECENT wines in brooklyn? or, put another way, i'm looking for the best price (so if the discount is less, but the wines are a bit cheaper, that would do as well). i want good wines, though, so please guide me in that direction.

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  1. I've had good luck on combinations of your factors (discount/value/quality) at both Red, White & Bubbly on 5th Ave. in PS and at Blanc et Rouge on Washington St. in DUMBO. Very helpful owners/operators at both.

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    1. re: planetjess

      Not to sound like a hater or anything but I have NEVER been asked if I needed any help at Red, white & Bubbly. They have seven people working at the register and absolutely nobody on their floor, ever. And it's not like the place is a warehouse. They have a nice selection of wines but are always out of things(Ridge Three Valleys? Have this ever been in stock?). The owners/operators should go to Mister Wrights on the UES and then emulate that type of service/supply.

      1. re: kiteIess

        Wouldn't ever call someone a hater for having a different experience somewhere. :)

        Not in any way suggesting that you should have done anything differently--I've just never had your experience probably because when I go in knowing what I want I either get it myself or ask at the counter, and when I'm not sure what I want/need some advice, I likewise head for the counter and start off with "I'm looking for something..." and someone helps me right away. I'm not arguing your point (that they should pay better attention to whether it looks like someone would appreciate being approached); I just don't operate that way in stores (e.g. it makes me uncomfortable for sales people to approach me if I'm doing my shopping myself).

        Blanc et Rouge is much smaller, but they get some really reasonably priced finds in there, the operators are always excited to talk about wine, and they've done orders for me via e-mail before when I've just written them with price and type parameters and they got back to me with a number of selections and indicative pricing. Love them.

    2. Heights Chateau on Atlantic has great wines and a good selection around $10. They web site says they do %17 discounts for cases and %15 for mixed cases.

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      1. re: bhill

        We used Heights Chateau for an event and they were great in helping us choose several cases of very reasonably priced, and very good, wine

        1. re: sadarami

          They're super-helpful at Heights Chateau. Judy is especially helpful at helping you curate a selection that fits your taste and budget.

      2. If you will venture to Queens.

        I have also gotten Plymouth Gin there for $17.99

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          Not sure if it's the best deal, but I’ve always had good luck with Slope Cellars (7th and 15th.) Nice knowledgeable staff, good prices and selection, some nice tastings from time to time done in back and a nice monthly newsletter. They have a discount card where you buy X amount of bottles and you get one free so this could help you out. They might also deliver, which is good if you're buying in bulk. As an aside I also like their taste in music, which [subliminally] may get me to buy more booze.

          1. re: MShapiro

            I second Slope Cellars. The owners, Bob and Patty, are great, and the staff is knowledgeable and friendly. They have a great selection of moderately priced, but smartly chosen, wines. They offer a discount card where they average the cost of your first 12 bottles of wine, and you get your 13th bottle w/in that average for $0.99. I believe they'll also discount a case of wine either 10% or 15%...depending on whether it's a mixed case or single type. And they do indeed deliver. They were my favorite wine shop when I lived in the Slope.

            If you're looking in the Carroll Gardens area, I like Scotto's Wine Cellar on Court Street (near Degraw). They'll discount a case either 10 or 15%...and you can mix & match. They'll deliver locally for free, too.