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Jun 24, 2009 11:38 AM

Best Thing I Ever Ate on FN

Anyone saw this last night? I missed 90% of the "Fried Foods" episode but caught the "BBQ" one.

On the one hand, it sort of struck me as a great big product placement for Food Network's existing "talent" (even if Alex Guarnaschelli & Michael Symon are a couple of my favorites). It was also sort of baffling that they should feature 2 places in Texas and 2 in New York (Syracuse? Really?) but completely omit any N.C. 'cue, for instance.

On the other hand, I did think the selections showed some interesting variety. I thought it was clever of Alex Guarnaschelli to squeeze some New Orleans "bbq" shrimp into the theme, as well as Chris Cosentino to get Yank Sing's bbq pork buns in there too.

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  1. I stumbled over the BBQ show and thought it was a complete waste of time. Mini versions of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives by their 'talent'. None long enough to really provide anything useful except the name and location of the spot and a quick visual of the owner and food item.

    1. oh seriously. tell me they didn't rate dinosaur bbq in Syracuse as "one of the best". I knew i missed this for a reason! blech!

      1. Assuming the syracuse place in NY is Dinosaur BBQ, it's a fixture. Also, the show isn't "The best places in the country", it's "the best thing i ever ate"

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        1. re: jgg13

          I realize it's a fixture, I just think it's awful.

        2. I don't think Delilah Winder, Aaron Sanchez, Chris Cosentino, et al as FN "talent," but I can see where your opinion comes from. (On the other hand, when you've got a bunch of people who like food on staff and others who are on your call list, why bring in someone else? Maybe if this were the 7th season or something, but it's the first season of the show. Heck, I don't know that they've gone far off the east coast for the people being featured. Has Giada or Alton or any of the hosts whose regular studios aren't in the NYC area been featured?)

          Anyway, I'm actually liking this show. It's a fun idea for a show, seeing what chefs like to eat. I also like that they're clearly not putting restrictions on what the topic might mean (e.g., Alex G. and the BBQ shrimp, Chris C. and the Chinese BBQ). I hope the show continues, but I guess I'm alone in that around here.

          1. I agree. The Best Thing I Ever Ate is the best thing on FNTV.

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            1. re: judka

              I've recently had trouble sleeping and have DVR'd the program and watch most of the episodes in the early morning hours. I live in LA and my ears perk up when they have an LA place on the program.

              I find that if I don't like the chef recommending the place I usually don't enjoy the place as much. Brent's Deli in Northridge, CA. was fantastic, but I watched one chef going ga ga over McClure's pickles. They looked and sounded so good I ordered some pickles. They're just crunchier than normal dill pickles IMO. I just can't imagine the chef eating them and proclaiming them the best thing he ever ate. I've stopped recording the shows pertaining to desserts. I can't get off on ice cream, cakes, and other desserts as being the best thing I ever ate.