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Lawrys Menu (for a non-red meat eater)

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Am going to Lawrys tonight for dinner with my fiance and his mom and grandma; however, I don't eat red meat. Has anyone who doesn't eat red meat, eaten there before? What do you suggest to order?


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  1. Unless you go the fish route (which I don't recommend because their seafood items are generally uninspired), I would opt for a meal of creamed spinach, corn and the baked potato, and maybe start of your meal with a lobste bisque.


    1. They often have a vegetarian pasta dish (That is what I got the last time I went, didn't much feel like Prime Rib at the momment) and it's not bad. Just heavy like everything else..


      1. it's pretty difficult to screw up shrimp cocktail...

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        1. i have always been a fan of their lobster tails. reasonably priced and always tasty and cooked to perfection

          1. I agree with ipsedixit. I once got fish instead of my usual prime rib and still regret it to this day. They do have lobster tails if I recall correctly...

            And the creamed corn is fabulous! There's mashed potatos and Yorkshire pudding?

              1. too bad they dont' serve the mac and cheese that they serve at the Carvery (their smaller locations) that mac and cheese is dang good for only 4 bucks.