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Jun 24, 2009 11:25 AM

Lawrys Menu (for a non-red meat eater)

Am going to Lawrys tonight for dinner with my fiance and his mom and grandma; however, I don't eat red meat. Has anyone who doesn't eat red meat, eaten there before? What do you suggest to order?


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  1. Unless you go the fish route (which I don't recommend because their seafood items are generally uninspired), I would opt for a meal of creamed spinach, corn and the baked potato, and maybe start of your meal with a lobste bisque.


    1. They often have a vegetarian pasta dish (That is what I got the last time I went, didn't much feel like Prime Rib at the momment) and it's not bad. Just heavy like everything else..


      1. it's pretty difficult to screw up shrimp cocktail...

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        1. i have always been a fan of their lobster tails. reasonably priced and always tasty and cooked to perfection

          1. I agree with ipsedixit. I once got fish instead of my usual prime rib and still regret it to this day. They do have lobster tails if I recall correctly...

            And the creamed corn is fabulous! There's mashed potatos and Yorkshire pudding?