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Jun 24, 2009 11:12 AM

Pickering recommendations

I'm doing some work in Pickering and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for places in the area? Doesn't matter what kind as long as it's good! Asian, Italian, Mediterranean, bar, cafe, cheap, fine dining, brunch, dinner, drinks, patio, etc. I just need places to check out!

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  1. If yo don't mind a little drive, go to Buster Rhinos on Friday and have the Rib special.

    Buster Rhino's Inc.
    7-2001 Thickson Road S.
    Whitby ON L1N 6J3

    1. I love Makimono..sorry I have said it maybe 2 or 3 times on this board already. It is on Liverpool right beside the 401 (there is a Loblaws plaza in the next lot over). Great sushi rolls! My favorite is the dynamite handroll.

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        Thanks for the recommendation - we were in the neighbourhood and went to Makimono based on your review. The food was good (the dynamite handrolls were a favourite!) and the service was fast for an ayce.

        1. re: EtobicokeTaster

          Makimono is Chinese style Japanese food

      2. In Pickering Village,
        Mt Everest and Casa Verde are old standby's.

        Mount Everest
        611 Kingston Rd W, Ajax, ON L1S6L9, CA

        Casa Verde Ristorante
        49 Old Kingston Rd, Ajax, ON L1T3A5, CA

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          The Port near the bottom of Liverpool

          The Burbs at Dixie & Finch

          Both are upscale dining.

        2. Massey's at Liverpool and Krosno makes good hamburgers.

          1. Highly rec'mnd the Burbs.. good resto anywhere in the GTA with a creative chef and attentive service. IMO much better than Port