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Jun 24, 2009 11:12 AM

Town Hall lunch options

So... Has anyone tried the new lunch take out at Town Hall?

Really just posting this to get that spam to scroll off my screen... ;)

But seriously... Wondering about their fried chicken sandwich...

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  1. Had the sausage po boy yesterday. Dunno how authentic it is, but I found it quite tasty. Planning to go back to try the ribs in the near future.

    1. Went today for the fried chicken sandwich. So good.
      The fried chicken is a boneless breast (not pounded out so it's very thick) in an excellent crunchy batter. cooked perfectly, very juicy. with a great tangy sour vinegar based coleslaw that balances out the grease perfectly. the bread is a soft enough roll that the whole thing just meshes together perfectly with a glass of their lemonade. (tart, with grapefruit juice and ruby red grapefruit slices in it.) all the sour and tart counteracted with the grease to make the sandwich delicious and consistently edible (sometimes, fried things lose there glamour haflway through).

      the ribs smelled good, but i was there for the chicken and was glad i stuck to my guns. they also had a special of the day, a bbq'ed beef loin, (i thought the guy said prime rib, but it was boneless and looked like an extra long pork loin. it also smelled amazing.)

      2 people : 2 fried chicken sandwiches, 2 lemonades and a side of homemade potato chips,: 22 dollars. not cheap, but for the fidi, cheaper than most for what you get.

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      1. re: jupiter

        I had the fried chicken sandwich last week. I liked it very much. I was a little disappointed they had been pre-made, but then with the sidewalk set-up, it's to be expected. It really held together well and that slaw was just right.

        The sandwich alone is only $8, a solid deal in my book.

        1. re: Frosty Melon

          right! thanks for pointing that out. The chicken is indeed cooked ahead of time, so the chicken is cold, but the sandwich is put together fresh when you order it. and they manange to store the chicken so that the batter is not wilted and mushy when they make the sandwich for you. The chicken manages to stay as crunchy as possible even with the vinegar slaw.

          and on another note, i ate this sandwich almost 3.5 hours ago and i am still totally full.

          1. re: jupiter

            Actually, by "pre-made" I meant my sandwich had been put together, wrapped in foil and wrapped in paper before I ordered it. I ordered and swapped my cash for the pre-made sandwich. But maybe that's because I was there on the early side (before noon), I don't know. It didn't matter to me once I was eating it.

      2. link

        Town Hall Restaurant
        342 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94105

        1. Any more reports? I walked by there today and the BBQ smelled good. I also saw a beef sandwich being made, and it looked delicious: moist and pink. I might go back just for the butterscotch-chocolate pot de creme.

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          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            I ate inside there a week or so ago and had the butterscotch-chocolate pot de creme for dessert. Wow it was amazing, the highlight of the meal honestly.

          2. Went last week. I got the ribs w/ slaw, co-worker #1 got the fried chicken, CW #2 got the sausage po-boy. We were all happy. I love the slaw...the ribs were decent if a little fatty. The BBQ sauce (comes with little extra cup) has a nice kick. Co-workers were happy with theirs, and said the homemade potato chips were great.

            Another co-worker saw us eating and went over to get the pulled chicken sandwich. They do one "special" sandwich of the day, and that was it. He was also pretty happy, and liked trying something new since he'd never heard of pulled chicken.

            Good reasonable lunch option. but beware there can be a bit of a line.

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            1. re: jennymarie5

              Just got back from the stand - 6 or 7 people in line at 12:15 but was in and out in 5 minutes - very efficient operation, and my friend chicken sandwich was assembled to order, not premade.

              All other comments above are spot on - this is a great combo of chickeny, crispy, sour and peppery with the slaw. Great Chowhound find and a new addition to my FiDi regular rotation!