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Jun 24, 2009 10:30 AM

Annaona gourmet [MSP]

Wanted to let you know about a cool place I found. Its in a little strip mall in st anthony and has cool vinegars and oils. Its at 2907 pentagon drive st anothony mn 55418. They also have a website I have their blood orange oil and some wonderful asian pasta. Its run by a fun lady who is all by her self

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  1. Heavy Table ran an article about that place a while back, been meaning to check it out. FWIW it seems Premier Cheese in Edina now sells bulk olive oil as well.

    1. Visited today, and yes, she is a fun lady. Bought some flavored balsamic, some oil and some fun salts. i was impressed with her knowledge and fun attitude. Shared taste tests and explained. We will return.