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Great new pizza place in Colleyville/mid-cities area

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Found thiss spot a few months ago. Peter's pizza and pasta. It is on Hwy26 just north of Glade in an old Taco Bell. It is not one of the Aremenian ones that litter the metroplex with names of Tony's, Joe's etc.. The owner is from New Jersey. Really nice crust and the sauce isn't overly sweet. The best part is the sausage. Instead of those ever popular processed rabbit turd things that most places use, He cooks and slices italian sausage links. It's good stuff. Give it a shot and hopefully he can make a go of it and stay around awhile. Tell him Brad sent you.

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  1. Do you have to order a whole pizza or can you get it by the slice?

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      They do serve it by the slice. I sometimes grab ine for an afternoon snack.

    2. Went in Fri, early evening, for a slice, a salad and gave the garlic bread a try. The pizza was pretty good with a thin crust, minimal sauce (good thing), but the cheese was lacking the "stringy" fresh factor. Still, it had a good taste. Add'l toppings were .50/each (for a slice) and they were spread VERY generously. I was happy that the house salad was crispy fresh and the dressing was a simple red wine vinegar and oil rather than the tomato-y, sweet concoction so often found at other pizza stops.

      The garlic bread - WOW! If you don't like basically raw garlic, do NOT order this. If you have any upcoming, planned encounters with anyone that you like, do NOT order this. They use their light and crispy sandwich rolls, split down the center, brushed lightly w/oil and heavily sprinkled with chopped, raw garlic. This is then placed in the oven for a nice toasting of the bread. It's wonderful.

      The place was empty when we arrived @ 5:30, but by 6:15, people began arriving, 2 in groups of about 8 - 10. Really friendly service.

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        Glad you like it. A nice change of pace from the other pizza/pasta places around. I will say you'll do better with a fresh pizza rather than by the slice, but that's every place. At least we now have a place to get a decent slice.

      2. just a note - those Joe's Pizza & Pasta places are Albanian, not Armenian. i grew up with Armenian restaurants nearby that were very good; i can't say the same for albanian

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          Thanks for the correction. I knew it was an A one. I don't particularly mind those places for pizza (better than the chains), but they are all the same.

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            Could be Azerbaijanian no?

            I believe the Joe's chain got its start in the DeSoto/S. Duncanville area then progressed westward to S. Arlington and so on and so forth. Teegee is correct they are Albanian.

            The only Armenian pizza in Dallas is the Parma's Pasta and Pizza on Round Grove. They used to have a website that touted this unfortunately it is no more.

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              LewisivilleHounder, are you saying Parma has closed or just is no longer Armenian?

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              My neighbor's daugther was briefly married to one of the offspring who managed one of the locations south. According to what I've been told, they are all cousins/related in some fashion.

              Add Lushaj's name to that pizza dynasty as well. There's one in Euless at 157 and Midway. I couldn't speak to the rabbit turds, as I generally get the cheese pizza, but more often than not, I've been really pleased with the pizza - just not the red salad dressing or the pastas/sauces - Same for Joe's, also in Euless.

            3. Well Brad2, this place sounds super! I can't wait to try it.

              Do they serve sausage in sweated yak's milk by any chance?

              1. When you finish your pizza, you can go across the street (26) for a scoop of Milwaukee Joe's locally churned ice-cream.

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                  Milwaukee Joe's has the best ice cream ever!

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                    And (hard freeze) very rich, lemon custard.

                2. Last week, I stopped in at Peter's during lunch, ordered a slice of cheese, house salad w/house O&V dressing and a soft drink - $5. Great price, great fresh iceberg salad with tomato, cukes and black olives. Then the slice arrived. I was warned it was very hot. Hot indeed! try a gloopy, molten mess. I took it back to the counter and the owner "explained" it was that way because it was fresh (it was about 11:10 in the am and I was their sole customer). "Fresh" is good, I explained, but not limp, as I held up the saggy triangle, cheese dripping from it. Begrudgingly, he got me a fresh piece which was heated to a wonderful temp - hot, but not scalding.... and it was excellent. Just everything perfect in taste, freshness of the cheese and a crust that could be picked up in one hand, withstanding the minor weight of cheese and wonderful tasting sauce on top.

                  Today, I returned a bit later in the day - 1:10. I ordered from the same guy that did the overheat last time. I asked that he not overheat the slice. So I had a seat, my salad came, the "guy" took a few other orders, made a couple of salads, chatted with a customer or two, brought a man's spaghetti to him. I finally flagged him reminding that he not overheat my slice. My salad was long finished. Very sharply I was informed he had *just* put in into the oven. Amazingly - it appeared in the amount of time it took to walk to the oven, get it and return. Well....... Anybody up for a plate of pizza flavored cheese fondue? That's what was placed in front of me.

                  I left, too angry to even complain - not that it would have done any good given the owner's general hostile attitude last week. This place has great tasting pizza and they know how to make it. Too bad they don't know how to reheat it - especially since they offer it by the slice. Due to lousy food and attitude, I won't be back and that's a shame - for me and them. It's not like they're so busy they have the luxury of pissing off existing customers.

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                      Stopped by several times since it closed. Plans are for it to re-open. The guy who did a lot of the cooking bought the place. Right now it's gutted as they are changing the interior to update it. Plans to add a patio and maybe beer and wine. Hope it works out. Haven't heard an opening date yet.