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Jun 24, 2009 10:10 AM

fried chicken

any suggestions for restaurants serving delicious fried chicken to go...or to eat in. Boston or South Shore...thanks

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    1. Privus in Allston serves delicious Korean Fried BonChon chicken. It's fried to order and comes with either garlic soy or red pepper hot sauce (which is very spicy). You can order wings, drumsticks or a combo of both. I would suggest splitting your order half regular, half spicy. The cubes of pickled daikon on the side are great after the spice as well.

      They do have nice boxes if you order to-go but if you eat-in try to get a booth!

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      1. re: eatstreet

        I love the BonChon chicken. In the same neighborhood, Soulfire serves a righteous platter of southern fried chicken. Cooked to order, nice crust, flavorful, moist meat. We shared a platter for lunch today with 3 sides - collards, mac n' cheese and baked beans. Everything very flavorful. Best collards around. Though more of a barbecue place, they do a great job on the fried chicken/soul food thing. I think it stands up well to Poppa B's and other soul food bastions.

        1. re: FoonFan

          Went to Privus last nite and thoroughly enjoyed the Bon Chon chicken. We got a small order, 3 drumsticks and 6 wing pieces for $10.95. I think that was the amount. They wouldn't let us split sauces on a small order so we got the garlic soy which was a tad sweet but I liked it. Would have been good to combine that with a big of hotness. I'm a sucker for fried food anyway, but thought it was really tasty. I also liked the shrimp shumai but didn't like the side of mustard sauce served with it. Something was missing. It looked like everyone there had that chicken at their table. Also got a pomegranite martini (one of these days I'll learn how to spell pom) and a lemon martini which I guess improved with no sugared rim. Nice server, windows open, w/ the 66 and 57 buses roaring by, but still pretty nice.

          1. re: Joanie

            The hot chicken wings at Privus are great. We went with another couple and split the order 1/2 sweet/1/2 hot. I preffered the hot, though I did like the sweet. I'm not a huge sushi fan, but we enjoyed everything we had.

      2. What eatstreet said. Seriously, the BonChon chiken at Privus is amazing.

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        1. re: MaggieCat

          I live across the street from Privus and have been intrigued ever since that Chicken BonChon sign went up outside but have yet to try it. What exactly makes this type of chicken "BonChon"?

        2. Is there any more word on the fried chicken place on Washington St. in JP? I still haven't made it over.

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          1. re: Joanie

            I haven't been so I could be mistaken, but my take on that place is it is just another generic takeout/pizza/fried food joint that happens to have "fried chicken" in it's name. I have driven by it a few times and peeked in the window and honestly it didn't look any different from the hundreds of other joints around town that serve (mostly) frozen commercial food. Would love to hear otherwise if anyone else has actually eaten there.

            1. re: Joanie

              Twentyoystahs is right, it's pretty generic. I had some fried chicken there a few times, it wasn't bad, but wasn't anything memorable.

              1. re: Joanie

                disappointing. Average fried chicken with a slight latin bent in the seasoning. If in the area, try Lenny's bakery at Blue Hill south of Morton. Excellent fried chicken legs and thighs.

                1. re: gourmaniac

                  I should definitely try the fried chicken there. I do know that they are probably the only place in Boston that makes a decent Jamaican patty though.

              2. I finally tried the Summer Shack fried chicken. The bartender told me it might take 15 minutes because they fry it to order. Fine by me. When it arrived, it was a huge portion -- 4 large pieces with potato salad and cornbread. Very crispy skin, nice juicy meat. Unfortunately it was WAY too salty for me and I love salt. I took two of the pieces home and eventually tossed them because of the salt. Did I get this on a bad day or is it usually like this?

                Meanwhile, I'm still looking for the perfect fried chicken.

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                1. re: yumyum

                  Only a month ago, some here hailed the fried chickens from Pollo Campera and people were waiting hours in the rain and drivethru for it. Funny how fast that fad died but still pretty good fried chicken.