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Jun 24, 2009 09:51 AM

Veggie Tasting/Amazing Wine

Howdy, kids. Longtime poster here who, strangely, has never been to NYC. We'll be there the end of August. Here's our criteria:

-Any price is fine
-Able to get reservation
-Veggie tasting (we're both lacto-ovo)
-Killer wine list
-No particular area, as we will have a car and my crazy husband doesn't mind driving in NYC
-Prefer not super formal, but definitely higher end

Thanks so much!

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  1. When you say lacto-ovo do you mean you are okay with dairy and egg or not okay?

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        Okay, then you are in the same boat as my GF. Just want to tell you with advance notice, 2 days, just about ANY fine dining restaurant in NYC will accomodate vegetarians by modifying the exsiting dishes or, which has happened with great results many times, create something for you.

        According to my GF these were all outstanding in what they gave her:

        Eleven Madison Park (the 11 course vegetarian tasting menu was insane)

        There are a few high end places that offer a true veg tasting without having to request:

        Gordon Ramsey at the London

        I have found the wine list to be much more than adequent at each of these places.

        After writing all this I realised you said not super formal but all these places require jackets

    1. gramercy tavern, cafe boulud and devi have vegetarian tasting menu and would suffice your criteria. Although gramecy tavern has a eggie focused, you must call in advance to make it explicitly vegetarian.

      1. If you have a car, I would definitely recommend Blue Hill at Stone Barns.

        1. You could also do Blue Hill near Washington Sq Park instead of Stone Barns, although I hear it is especially difficult to get a reservation there these days. When I went to Gramercy Tavern even though I explicitly mentioned that I am vegetarian, somehow it didn't get passed along but there was absolutely no problem accommodating me. Consider Per Se, as well. Delicious vegetarian tasting menu, and in particular if you can go during the week or for lunch you may not have too much trouble getting a reservation.

          1. gramery tavern veggie tasting menu might be a fit. make it clear to them when ordering your exactly veggie-diet guidelines. this is a layup autumn/winter. not sure i love going there in the summer. just glanced their summer veggie tasting menu and it didnt jump off the page at all. i do think though, that its exactly what you're looking for. wine options abundant there as well.