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Jun 24, 2009 09:51 AM

LA Hound Needs Help With Memphis

In July,the family will be flying into Memphis and then driving to Little Rock for a family reunion and then returning to Memhis for 1 nite before flying home.

I need recommendations for places for a great Southern breakfast. Dives are acceptable if not preferred.

Also, will be having a lunch and dinner and that means BBQ. So many places, so little time. Looking for best chopped (or pulled) pork sandwich (w/ the cole slaw on top, of course) and ribs. Ask yourself: If I had to have a BBQ dinner at one place in Memphis, where would I go??

Thank you very much.

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  1. Bryant's for breakfast.

    BBQ Shop for barbecue.

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    1. re: jamiecarroll

      I second those choices.

      The BBQ Shop is my fave place for the 'cue. Try the BBQ spaghetti, an amazing experience.

      1. re: jamiecarroll

        I will second those choices as well. Bryant's is the best breakfast in town. I would also throw in the Four Way for soul food for lunch. BBQ Shop is really good - try the BBQ balogna appetizer & a sandwich on Texas toast. Just great stuff.

        1. re: mamasquirrel

          And I third or forth those choices- particularly Bryant's- but a word of caution- if you get their sampler, you won't be good for anything the rest of the day! Just get a country ham, egg and cheese on a biscuit and be done with it!

      2. NOT the Rendezvous tourist trap.

        1. I would also suggest BBQ Shop if you are looking for ribs AND sandwich. I like the ribs better at Central BBQ, but BBQ Shop was ranked #1 for their sandwich a few years back and their ribs got ranked #1 in a recent Memphis Flyer contest. They will bring your sandwich on Texas toast unless you tell them you want a bun. I prefer a bun.

          Keep in mind that the BBQ Shop (and many other BBQ joints) are closed on Sundays. Central BBQ is open on Sundays.