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Jun 24, 2009 09:09 AM

Authentic Italian in Charlottesville?

Visting campus soon and looking for a truly authentic Italian restaurant or a pizza place that makes truly Neopolitan style Margherita pizza. Thanks.

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  1. Alas, Italian is one thing that Charlottesville doesn't do that well. The best Italian food/pizza place is a retail outlet, Mona Lisa Pasta on Preston Ave.

    The closest to the Neopolitan style where you can sit and eat are two slice joints on the downtown mall, Vita Nova and Christian's. Plenty of other good food in Cville, Italian is the one place where there is significant room for improvement.

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      and, by the way, it's not "campus", but "grounds." :-)

    2. Agree with Seanchai - good Italian is not to be found in C'ville. My NJ raised Italian husband has lamented this fact since we moved here 15 yrs ago.

      There are many other great choices though. Try Aroma's Cafe in Barracks Rd for great mediterrean (yummy lamb sausage is my current fave), Zocalo (spanish influenced) on the Downtown Mall, Mas (tapas) in Belmont are solid choices. If you can't have Italian, what do you want?