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Jun 24, 2009 09:04 AM

opening macadamia nuts

I have a huge bag of whole, un-hulled macadamia nuts from a friends tree. Those shells are HARD! A regular nut-cracker won't open them... the only success I've had has been with a big rock, but that just pulverizes the nut. Anyone have tips for how to get the shells off???

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  1. You really need a special nut cracker. My brother in law has macadamian trees and I can't even crack them with the special cracker. They are hard!!

    1. I might try one of those inertia nut crackers that work with a spring loaded ram. But the nut would have to be nestled in a depression to protect the tender nut meat from being crushed.
      According to legend, roasting them and/or boiling them makes them easier to shell.
      I can't validate that claim.
      But I can direct you to some commercial nut crackers, specially designed for macadamia nuts, the I believe are your best choice.

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        whew, pricey! Thanks for the ideas... roasting/boiling sounds like a good place to start!

      2. Hold with pliers and hit carefully with a hammer. Practice will perfect.

        1. And now you why MacNuts are so freakin' expensive!! adam

          1. Borrow a friend's parrot? I used to buy them at bird shows for my Molluccan cockatoo. I swear he was able to find something akin to a seam on them because he would roll them around and around looking for the "sweet spot". He rarely messed them up. Seriously though, I did see a tip about freezing them for an hour or so first to weaken the shells.