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Jun 24, 2009 08:55 AM

Garden Catering Opens in Fairfield

I've been looking forward to Garden Catering opening in Fairfield - I've read about there amazing chicken nuggets and because we do sometimes catered parties with kids I thought this might be a new option. We decided to stop by and grab lunch - we got nuggets, fries and potato cones. This might have been the greasiest food I have ever eaten. I actually dumped it out of the bag onto paper towels to try and soak up some of the grease. My 3 and 5 year old wouldn't touch the stuff and we ended up throwing most of it in the garbage. I definitely will not be having this place cater any events and the place was packed at 1:30 on Sat afternoon - go figure.

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  1. how did their non-nugget/fries food look?

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      I really didn't get a good look. the place was packed and it looked like most people were getting the nuggets since that is what they are "famous" for.

    2. Garden Catering is what it is. They fry everything. But they have their strong following and I imagine this one will do very well with high school kids and students at Fairfield U. and Sacred Heart, though the latter might turn into Clogged Artery by the time they graduate.

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        I've never understood the lure and obsession with Garden Catering - I also thought that the nuggets were less than nothing special. Weaver's are better IMHO.

      2. Garde has two client bases. One - the after schoolers looking for the "High School Special." two- some reasonably priced catered affairs, nothing special. when jfood was on the board of a non-profit, Garden in STM did a great job of catering some dinners at a reasonable price (jfood was picking up tab personally). one time when an event was cancelled and jfood called the day of to explain they were about tostart an argument thinking we would not pay. When jfood asked if they could deliver the food to a shelter versus the meeting, he was more than happy to oblige.

        Nice guy in STM but it is what it is.

        1. The nuggets/fries combo isn't anything special. At the very least I'd order it as a homerun which adds chili and cheese. They then serve it in a platter instead of a bag which I find much easier to eat out of (with a fork).

          I've had two of the sandwiches a few times and they're both really good (but inconsistent depending on who makes them):
          1) the Hotsy - bacon, egg, cheese, chili and cones. Get it with hot sauce or ketchup.
          2) the CCB - Chicken cutlet, cheddar and bacon. By default it comes with mayo too. I usually get hot sauce instead and then add chili to it as well.

          I've also tried a couple of their wraps which are really good. My favorite is the nugget wrap.