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Jun 24, 2009 08:36 AM

Quincy Market, Chinatown casual/cheap eats (open SUNDAY!)

So I've done a bunch of searching, and have found lots of good suggestions for cheap and good eats in/around the Quincy Market/Chinatown area... BUT most of them are closed Sundays!

So I'm looking for suggestions on inexpensive lunch and dinner spots in the area. Will be on foot so nothing too too far out of the way. Plan to just explore the area, maybe hit up Boston Common, etc.

Would like to make lunch cheap (less than $7-8 each) and quick.. not a sit down type spot. Have 163 Vietnam Sandwich in mind. Would like some other similar suggestions. Any good spots for grabbing a few hot snacks ($1/$2 each type stuff) in Chinatown to go along with a sandwich?

For supper, looking for something some or all of the following qualities:

- patio with good people watching
- inexpensive ($10-$15 entrees)
- good beer would be a nice bonus
- simple / pub type food is ok.. but done well with maybe a twist?

Any suggestions is much appreciated, getting excited for the trip!



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  1. For a patio with good people watching and beer I would suggest the Parish Cafe on Boylston St - it is know for sandwiches based on different chefs around Boston and is well within your price range.

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      Place looks great! Thanks thegirl!

      So now I just need to track down lunch.


    2. finger food from Chinatown: from Winsor cafe, an order of baked BBQ pork buns, tiny deep fried fish (like french fries), or pan fried pork dumplings; from Hong Kong Eatery or Vinh Sun, some crispy roast pig, bbq pork or cold salted chicken

      1. Would like to find a place that has great garlic spare ribs or the like in Chinatown. Also, good 'meat on a stick' would be cool too.



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          fried spareribs in garlic sauce at Best Little Restaurant (on Hudson).

          1. re: gourmaniac

            the one time i tried those ribs at BLR they had very little meat on them...but it sounds like others may have had different experiences for meat on a stick, there is always the satay chicken at Penang restaurant...either of these may exceed your price range though

            1. re: barleywino

              Thanks barley, BLR seems a bit in the mid-range as far as pricing. But some posts on here make it sound quite good.

              Are there any/many food carts/street food in Chinatown? Any favorites some would like reccomending?



              1. re: tbgallant

                You do mention banh mi close to food cart as I know in Chinatown. Yesterday I was in town all day and had a banh mi for late breakfast and then for supper. First from Mei Sum, which was an amazing experience as always, truly one of the finest sandwiches I've ever eaten (I got the pork/cold cut version). Later I tried 163 for the first time, and to be honest, it did not compare well. The bread was over large and cottony, the filling not as tasty, lacked the lovely spread of the pate the Mei Sum had, the pickled veggies seemed a bit tired, and the cilantro was not cut so came out in long pieces. Anyway, long story, if you're hankering for a banh mi give Mei Sum a try or even do a comparison to see if you think I'm way off on this.

                The other lunch box items at 163 looked good however and really cheap!

                Mei Sum had some "dim sum" to go at their place too, shiu mai and fan, and of course pastries.

                IIRC Saigon Sandwich has fried spring rolls for sale to go, and they also have numerous lunch sets already boxed up.

                1. re: Zatan

                  I'm not sure I'd like the pate/cold cut version.. would rather grilled meats. Would folks agree that Saigon is probably the best 'non-cold-cut' Banh Mi in Chinatown?

                  Also, can anybody confirm that Saigon is open Sundays?

                  Maybe I'll drop by 163 just for some other snacks to go with the Banh Mi from Saigon or Mei Sum?