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Jun 24, 2009 08:30 AM

Cooking with Lavender?

Once again I'm stymied by my local CSA. I have a bunch of lavender fresh from the farm, and while it smells good, I'm not sold on how tasty it will be for dinner. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Oh, I *love* cooking savory and sweet dishes with lavender, although I've never had the good fortune to be able to use fresh. Many people don't like the flowery aroma, but when used judiciously, it can add quite a lovely fragrance and flavor.

    It's part of Herbs de Provence, so using it for a mix on a roasting chicken is great. Lavender Lemonade would be perfect for a summertime drink. Use it in baking - cakes, muffins, cookies, scones. Sorbets, ice cream are also well served.

    Here are some links I've had bookmarked forever:

    Can you tell I love lavender? LOL!

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      Hey there, thanks for the tips!

    2. When I stew shortribs or similar, I usually add a bit of lavender in it with my herbs (like Herb de Provence). Lavender goes very well with strawberries and raspberries so add them into your ice cream/sorbet mixture. Last year I made a strawberry and lychee mousse and added some lavender into it for that extra oomph. No one could figure out the secret ingredient -)

      There's shortbread cookies that uses lavendar, that should be quite tasty.

      1. I use lavender greens the same way I use rosemary. It adds a lovely, subtly sweet flavor. The flowers I dry, grind with sugar and caramelize for Lavender Caramel Ice Cream, and for a lovely Lavender Syrup.

        1. "ExtraVeganZa" by Laura Matthias contains various recipes with lavender, mostly desserts.

          1. I use it with maple syrup, black pepper and salt when making cedar planked salmon. Also, I add it to shortbread but I think it would be good with any white cookie/cake.