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What to get at Hungry Mother

Any suggestions for what to order for a first trip to Hungry Mother?

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  1. Their menu changes seasonally, so I'm not sure if these items are on the menu. But I have really enjoyed their fried oysters and cornmeal catfish. I really liked the buttermilk pie - it was really rich and decadent. And while I'm not a bourbon fan, my usual D.C. gets one of their bourbon mixed drinks and raves about it.

    1. Beef tongue canape, for sure.

      Baked grits with cheese and tasso if you like grits. Side of cornbread with sorghum butter if you like cornbread. Fried oysters.

      The rest of the menu is solid but not amazing. Order what sounds good to you. I enjoyed the bavette, but it has since been replaced by a veal strip loin, which I have not yet tried. I also enjoyed the rainbow trout. Dining companions once got the catfish and thought it was a relatively-weaker menu item.

      For drinks, do try their cocktails. And their beer selection is good.

      For dessert, I've never had a bad item, but nothing stands out. There is a "bourbon milkshake" on the menu right now that sounds interesting, but I've yet to try it.

      My recommendations here mirror my overall view of The Mother: Almost everything is solid and good to very good, but nothing is excellent or transcendent.

      Whatever you get, enjoy!

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        The veal was pretty good, had it last week. A tad on the dry side, but it was the least dry veal steak i've had in a *long* time.

        drink tip: when you order your meal, ask for the bartender's choice. they'll concoct something for you to suit your meal. more often than not they seem to do a better job of matching things than i do myself.

        re the 'bourbon milkshake', i didn't see it last week but they had the 'monkey flip' that was really good. Forget the specific ingredients though.

        1. A moto guzzi, the beef tongue for sure, and ... really ... anything. I've been a few times and I've yet to find something on the menu that is less than awesome

          1. Food and Wine just named Barry Maiden one of the top 10 new chefs in the country. They listed his blueberry/almond shortcake dessert as a must have dish.

            But I agree with arsonisfun that everything on the menu is worthy.

            1. I just went last night. As usual I enjoyed the food. The menu up on the website right now is accurate. Tried the beef tongue and it was fantastic. I wish I got the fried oysters last night. I was on the fence and went with the grilled squid instead. I liked the hominy and stuff that the squid was on but the squid just wasn't that good.

              Mr got the trout- very generous serving and he devoured every bite. I had the gnocchi for the first time which I eye every time I go. It was the perfect thing to eat on a drizzley night.

              For dessert Mr got the bourbon shake. yum! It was kind of like a frothier, slushier brandy alexander. I had the chocolate cream pie which was very good but not as good as the chocolate cake I had there once (#1 chocolate dessert ever!) or the chocolate caramel tart I had last time. The chocolate cream was just a tad too rich for me but others might love it.

              The only thing I was a little peeved about was that we had to wait a while for our table even though we had reservations. Another party of two came in after us and got seated first. What?! and our waitress though very friendly seemed to be cooing over that party and not that interested in us. When we got the bill we realized that they hadn't charged us for our first cocktails. By accident? As an apology? I don't know. I guess if they were doing it as an apology that's great but I wish either the host or waitress said so. It would have colored the evening differently for me. The host was really friendly.

              I'm going to go back but I don't think I want one of those in the middle of the room table again.

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                The last time I was there, I thought the tongue was pretty good, but my DC didn't care for it. We enjoyed the Pimiento cheese more. We tried the fried oysters as well and they were solid but not spectacular. I think the hits of the evening were our entrees. We split the Roasted Chicken that was absolutely delicious and the french style gnocchi, which is probably one of the best prepared gnocchi dishes in the city. I order it at almost every restaurant I go to and I'm disappointed 75% of the time. I use the dish as a measuring stick I suppose.

              2. One of every one of the "to tide you over"s, especially if the pea/mint soup shooter special is on. Other dishes I've really liked: grilled squid, gnocchi (sort of rustic French in style, a bit soupy), roast chicken.

                I wasn't crazy about the bar's specialty cocktails at first, the ones identified by numbers, but the newer ones (#40 and higher) seem more balanced to me, not too sweet. I like the 43, 53, and 55.


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                  i'm a fan of the 47 & 53. the gf is a *huge* fan of the 43. had the 13 last week and it was good but pretty sweet. there was one that has since disappeared from the menu that i remember *really* liking, but for the life of me can't remember the exact ingredients (it was rye based, that much I know) nor the number so I suppose I'm SOL.

                2. I love the fried oysters. Catfish was good but not outstanding. The gnocchi with mushrooms and peas is good if you like mushrooms, but my D. C. thought there was too little gnocchi and too much mushroom, fwiw.

                  1. I loved the fried oysters. Cooked perfectly. I ordered the chicken and it was okay, not anything worth remembering or ordering again. The dessert I got when I was there about a month ago was the almond tuile cake with chevre ice cream and rhubarb compte. Outstanding! One of the best desserts I ever had, I think. I agree with all the posters that the tongue is worth trying. But if you could only get one appetizer, I would go with the oysters.

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                      I see that the shrimp & grits are not on the menu :(
                      any chance you can still get them by asking??
                      they are probably one of my favorite dishes in boston (and certainly my favorite dish there)
                      can't imagine going there and NOT getting them, though that may indeed be what happens tonight.

                      anyone want to weigh in on best item --catfish vs gnocchi?
                      i've had the catfish before and liked it.
                      LOVE gnocchi if it's done right and i imagine it is here. the preparation isn't exciting me all that much, but maybe less is more?