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Jun 24, 2009 07:15 AM

Giuseppe's Italian Market - YYC

Lots of ads on KIJIJI and Craig's list for staff requirements.
Apparently they are opening Monday. I drove by yesterday at 1207 1st Street SW, still lots of work to do.
A huge space, interesting choice of location (no parking).

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  1. While you're in the neighbourhood check out Chow Bazaar/DeVille- lovely space, same great Intelligentsia coffees at in Art Central, and some damn good sandwiches. It's in Colours condo.

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    1. re: John Manzo

      I am headed back there on Thursday to check both out a bit closer

    2. I took a peek today (the door was open). Space looks beautiful--dark wood, etc. Reminds me a bit of a larger l'Epicerie. There seemed to still be a bit of interior finishing to do and none of the shelves were stocked yet. Definitely a more "upscale" feel than, say, Lina's.

      1. No way are they going to open inside of two weeks.
        They did run the Pizza oven today and made some pies already.

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        1. re: worldwidestuff

          Good pizza? Or more of the thick 'n crunchy stuff people seem to love here?

          1. re: 23skidoo

            We did not stay around to see the final product. Wood fired oven. The lady seemed to know what she was doing.

            The place, once stocked, will be stunning. The product, we will have to wait and see.

            1. re: 23skidoo

              Stopped by Giuseppe's for lunch today - the mushroom pizza was delicious - house-made tomato sauce covered by portabello, crimini, oyster and button mushrooms with arugula and mozzarella topping off a relatively (compared to Olives To Go - my normal lunchtime pizza spot) thick, yet deceptively light, chewy crust with a crispy bottom that had just the right amount of char on it. Definitely filling and worth the $10.
              Service was brutally slow as it looks like they are still working out the kinks and the place was absolutely dead at 1:00 PM on a Tuesday but the pizza chef said I got there just after "the rush" ended..

              1. re: sidepockets

                We stopped in for lunch yesterday. I had the 4 cheese pizza ($10), which took forever because the pizza chef has not quite mastered the peel, and dropped it. The crust was nice, but there was way too much cheese for the thin crust. And I love cheese so saying that pains me. My hub had a veal parm. sandwich ($8). He enjoyed it and said the bread was really good. I thought it was dry. Very little sauce and the cheese not melted.

                I bought some yellow and red carrots. The bin said they were $1.75 per bunch. A 'bunch' was 3. When I got home and looked at my receipt I was charge $2.50. So I paid $5 for 6 small carrots. Obviously way over priced either way.

                There is a nice selection of jarred items, olive oil, dried pastas, etc. I didn't check the prices on those things.

                There is a deli counter with cheeses and meats. It's not very big.

                Along with the coffee/espresso counter, there is a good selection of fresh baked good (cookies, pastries, croissants). They said they open at 7am on weekdays, so it you walk by that way you might want to skip the nearby Starbucks and pick up a coffee/pastry from here.

              2. re: 23skidoo

                Stopped in around 1 today for a pizza. It was awesome. I had the "Perugina": prosciutto, arugla, and mozarella over crushed tomatoes. Fresh dough rolled out on the spot. The wood-fired oven turns out great Napoletana-style crusts! Generous serving of prosciutto and very good value at $10. Today's pizzas were the perugina, pepperoni, quattro formaggio, and a vegetarian (I think).

                The service was quick today, probably because I was there after the rush. I saw a lot of people finishing up at the tables by the window, so it seems like business is good for Giuseppe's. I also tried a ginger & lemongrass soda--bright but not oppressive ginger flavour and not too sweet.

                1. re: aktivistin

                  Sounds great, going to make it a point to stop over there for lunch one of these days. Especially since Pulcinella's has divebombed into an abysmal restaurant over the last few years.

                  Does anyone know what other things they are selling? Some good cured meats, or fresh pizza dough? And do they have a coffee program?

                  1. re: Hoj

                    Coffee is all Illy. They sell higher-end grocery items like Rainier cherries for 6.75/lb., a broad variety of mushrooms, and those fancy, flat onions (I don't know what they are called). Lots of olive oil, olives, canned and jarred tomatoes, etc. like you might find at Mercato.

                    There is also a long deli counter that I forgot to check out. Looks like a lot of different cheeses and cured meats (I presume that's where the excellent prosciutto for the pizza came from).

            2. It's open now. Good looking space. Not fully stocked, but the sandwich was good.
              The wood fired Pizza oven is a major attraction. I think once they find their footing, it will be great.
              For sure they got lots of space to fill.

              1. I ate here again today for lunch. The cream of mushroom soup to go ($4) was to die for. None of those little mushroom 'bits' and flour thick. This was full on mushroom slices and thick cream. I added at toothsome fresh baked bun for 70 cents.

                They were packed at noon. But the logistics of this place needs a little refinement. You wait in one line for hot foods and sandwiches/soups and a different line for pizza. At about 15 min wait, per line, you are a little hooped if you want to order a sandwich and pizza. Then you go wait in couple other lines to pay. All of the line ups overlap so you have no clue what line you are even in, when you first enter. After asking around you'll figure it out.

                So my big tip is to go earlier or later than noon. I hope they figure out a better system once they've gotten used to the crowds.

                But I'll be back for sure!

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                1. re: TSAW

                  The line situation sounds a bit like Brek, in Italy, but Brek managed to make it really customer-friendly.