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Jun 24, 2009 07:02 AM

7 kiwis and my husband has fled the country

My husband bought seven kiwis late last week, and then promptly left the country on business. I'm not a big kiwi eater, but I hate to throw out food. Any idea on how to use/prepare these kiwis that is delicious and relatively easy?

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    1. re: Caralien

      I like this idea! All of the recipes I looked up called for an ice cream maker. Any way to make a sorbet without it?

      Failing that, the smoothie or muffins sounds like easy, tasty ideas - I just found a kiwi banana muffin recipe online I could try. And the kiwi cream looks astoundingly good.

      1. re: Cachetes

        various non-ice cream maker methods on this recent topic:

        For kiwis, you could peel and cut into smaller chunks which are then frozen on a sheet pan prior to using the food processor method.

    2. milkshake/smoothie for sweet, or chopped into a salsa for savory.

      1. Chop them up for use in a chicken salad; make a tangy salsa with them for a fish topping; Kiwi muffins; salad dressing.

        Oooh - Kiwi Cream!

        More recipes:

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        1. re: LindaWhit

          So I made kiwi-banana muffins. They were okay. When they were hot, the mix of warm muffin and the tart juiciness of the kiwi was fantastic. Once they cooled, they were sort of blah.
          But I'm still going to try that Kiwi cream some day - that looks great!

          1. re: Cachetes

            Awww, sorry they didn't work out. That kiwi cream really DOES look good. When your husband gets home, make him go buy some more. :-)

        2. Puree the kiwis, blend with equal amounts of palin yogurt and lemon-lime soda and call it Chilled Kiwi Dessert Soup. Yummmm

          1. You could make a kiwi granita. You don't need an ince cream maker just a freezer.