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Jun 24, 2009 06:31 AM

Bittycakes at Helios?!!!?

I woke up today thinking I would love a carrot cake cupcake. I heard recently that Helios on Glenwood in Raleigh was carrying cupcakes. I called them to inquire if they had carrot cake cupcakes. Sure enough they just received some yesterday from Bittycakes. I bought the carrot cake cupcake and something made by Bittycakes called an everything bar. The cupcake was amazing! Very moist, you can see the carrots in the cupcake! The cream cheese frosting was sweet enough to balance the carrots and cinnamon in the cake. The everything bar is out of this world too! Chocolate, nuts, peanut butter, graham crackers... WOW!

They also had a lime buttermilk cupcake, sadly I didn't get one. I will be going back!

Please RUN to Helios and try these delicious treats! Do your self a favor and buy two cupcakes, once you get home and devour them, you'll wish you had more --- I do!

They have a website

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  1. I heard about these being available there. But I was unfamiliar with them. Thanks so much!