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Jun 24, 2009 06:27 AM

Fun, casual, delicious dinner spots in Portland, ME?

Husband and I are headed to Portland before we make our way up to Camden for a wedding. Looking for a great, casual Thursday night spot downtown--I'm a former New Englander, he's a Southerner who's never been to Maine, so something authentically Portland would be great. Thanks!

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  1. How about The Front Room Restaurant - very popular with locals and tourists. Good, fresh food, open kitchen - reasonable. We have friends living in Portland and this is theirs/our favorite. Watch out for "fish & chips" etc -

    1. not cheap by maine standards, but fore st. is amazing and the chef-owner is a serious adherent to buying and serving local food.

      not so "typically portland", but very casual and always terrific is duckfat.

      1. thanks for the direction. front room looks good, fore street looks wonderful. might have to try to walk in there. also love the looks of duckfat.

        what about good "sit at the bar" type places? burger and a beer? i know that bon app mentioned something a few months ago but i neglected to save the issue.

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          A more casual place is Norm's Lounge, on Congress Street near Art Museum. Burgers and Beer but also good crab cakes, salads, and other small plates.

          David's on Monument Sq...can eat at bar, in lounge, or dining room for pizza, salad, just apps, or full meals.

          Old Port Seagrill on Commercial St...sit at bar for good raw bar/oysters, and fresh simply grilled fish.

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            If you just want a burger and a beer try Gritty McDuff's, a local brewpub in the Old Port.

        2. Maine means seafood - so my choice would be Street & Co..