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Jun 24, 2009 06:02 AM

Hell's Kitchen contestant from Nashua, NH?

According to a preview piece for the soon-to-premiere 6th season of the program, there is a 34-year old contestant named Jim, a Sous Chef from Nashua. Does anyone know where he works? Do we have a hometown favorite to cheer on, as Gordon Ramsay showers him with expletives for undercooking a piece of John Dory?

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  1. Also of local* note: Andy Husbands of Boston's Tremont 647 is in this season's cast as well, a somewhat unorthodox choice (for him), given he's a well-established restauranteur. Though it must've been a no-brainer for the casting director - Andy is no shrinking violet.

    * CH Mods: please don't move this to the Boston board. Contrary to the structure of the message boards, the Berlin Wall does not run along Rt. 128.

    1. According to this tweet, the contestant is from C.R. Sparks:

      It is remarkable that there's been no (Googleable) publicity surrounding this. Andy Husbands has been having a field day with it here in Boston; he's hosting a party for tonight's season premiere and HK dinners every Tuesday thereafter, for as long as he's on the show.

      IIRC, C.R. Sparks was due to close/relocate this year... anything to do with that?

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      1. re: AbeFroman

        I used to work at Sparks and know Jim. The reason they are probably not promoting that he is on the show is that he is not that nice of a person and it may look bad on them. ( watch the show and you will probably see what I mean ).

        As far as closing/relocating, the building in fact has been sold but the owner of Sparks is now renting it from the Lexus dealer that he sold it to since they are not ready ( with the way the economy is ) to start tearing down and building a dealership.

        If I am not mistaken, he has said that Sparks will be there through 2010.

        1. re: bid daddy sway

          Welcome to CH sway, that's quite a first post. In the two-hour premiere, I actually thought Jim came across as a nice guy, both intelligent and affable. Perhaps that's an easy achievement amidst such a group of crazies, but I'll be pulling for him until he proves otherwise.

          His signature dish (Seared ahi, soy-ginger vinaigrette), however, was a prime example of the quintessential Sparks entrée, replete with dumbed-down "ethnic" elements that have already been focus-grouped to death and served up by national restaurant chains. Tasty, as Ramsay said, but also IMO a total bore. But, I'm sure it keeps the soccer moms coming in droves. We personally grew tired of the unoriginal-masquerading-as-exotic routine with the food and beverage at Sparks long before moving to Boston last year. Then again, there's no shortage of places down here catering to the MetroWest weekend crowd that pay the bills by using the same playbook. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to wash down this plate of Kobe sliders with a pomegranate mojito...

      2. A bunch of contestants are from New England -- either as hometown or currently working there -- this season.

        If I recall correctly, I thought Jim from Nashua had some kind of funny comments last night.

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        1. re: harrie

          Anyone see Louie quit before even the first dinner service? Not sure why they picked the name Louie for him but his name is Dave Cordio and he is owner (maybe half-owner?) of the 50/50 Diner here in the City of Fitchburg (where I reside). He's known as quite a character there. He does serve good breakfasts and good diner grub - but as far as I know that's where his culinary skills begin and end. He was certainly in over his head and maybe he recognized that in filming of the first episode. But he came off as being a quitter.

          1. re: RandyL

            Here's a link to a recent local newspaper article re Cordio aka Louie.