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Jun 23, 2009 11:09 PM

High end wagashi

Does anyone know if there is anywhere that has high end wagashi in the area

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  1. I believe the nearest place is NYC.

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    1. Yeah, I believe Minamoto Kitchoan is the closest (or at least it was when I was on a similar quest a while back...)

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      1. re: another_adam

        I think that's the best you can find. The main location is in Rockefeller Center. They have another smaller one at Mitsuwa in NJ. Toraya had them but they closed down years ago.

        Sometimes Aso-sensei at Kaji Aso studio in the South End will offer wagashi at the tea ceremony. At least he did the one time I went - but he was freshly returned from a visit to Japan.

        1. re: robertlf

          Aso-sensei passed away several years ago, but the tea ceremony continues.

          1. re: elcaminogirl

            I had no idea. It must have been 10 years since I had tea with him. I just read his obit.