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Jun 23, 2009 09:33 PM

HELP!! Knife sharpening in the Berkshires

Does anyone have any leads to a good knife sharpening service or individual they could recommend? Optimistically I'd like to find someone who can grind them on their own wheel - but I'm not holding out much hope.
Thanks in advance to any and all!

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  1. Different Drummer's Kitchen in Lenox across from the Luau Hale on Rt. & has a knife sharpening service. 637-0606

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    1. re: Lenox637

      I found one!!
      Valley Machine Knife in W. Springfield. They come into the Berkshires every week on Thursday am and will pick up knives and drop them off the following Thursday am.
      They charge a $3.50 r/t fee and knives start at 1.50 each.
      They have a grinding wheel and also do all kinds of machine blades etc.
      I'm elated!

      (Lenox637, I've tried Diff. Drummer and while I appreciate their donation to the Berkshire Humane for the knives, I've found we can get the same results with our home sharpener.)

      I'll report back with the quality of the job.

      1. re: cowgirlinthesand

        Good to know. Let us know how the service ended up please!

        1. re: cowgirlinthesand

          i'm not sure if they are the same people that sharpened the knives at the store i used to work at, but the company my boss used sharpened one of my knives and it came back ground down considerably. usually they have those heavy industrial chefs knives that they trade out every other week. i would say to just use caution, try them out but give them a blade you don't mind coming back ground down. depending on the knives you have, you might want to consider an EdgePro, they are expensive but a friend of mine who is a personal chef has one and sharpens my knives. they come out perfectly sharp with a solid edge, without grinding down the blade. here's the link

      2. FYI,

        Holley Manufacturing in Lakeville CT does the best knife sharpening hands down. Top of the line work. (860) 435-0808, you can even arrange for the knives to be shipped to them and they will mail them back. On the cheaper side (like free) the Big Y (Great Barrington, I am not sure about the others) will sharpen your knives (no cerrated) for FREE while you shop Bring them to the Meat Department. We took a couple of knives here to "test them out" and they were pretty good. Good enough to bring back the block and feel comfortable with the results. Cheers!

        1. Valley machine knife did a REMARKABLE job!! The bevel was not too wide but not too small to hold an edge. They didn't overgrind at all, the serated knives were scarily sharp - I've never seen anyone do them like that.!
          We're sending out more next Thursday - the price is really fair too.
          I highly recommend these guys. they do know what they're doing .

          1. Yes, a knife sharpener does exist in the Berkshires! The Mill River Store lets you drop off knives and pick them up within, usually, about 48 hours. Cost: $5-7/ knife, scissors, garden tools too. Or: the Mill River Knifemaker (lives next door to the MR store) is at the Sheffield Farmers Market on Rt 7 every Friday 3:30-6:30 in Sheffield, MA to sharpen knives as well as display and sell the custom kitchen cutlery and outdoor knives that are hand made in the Berkshires. Sharpens while you shop for local produce. Also in Norfolk, CT on Rt 44 each Saturday 10-1 for sharpening...while you wait.

            Or: call John at 413.229.2905 for information, drop-off locations, etc.