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Jun 23, 2009 09:31 PM

Helena Wirth cakes in Van Nuys

I am interested in feedback regarding this cake place. I have heard good things about their wedding cakes, but how affordable is it for just a birthday cake?

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  1. We got our wedding cake from there in 2001 and it was absolutely fantastic. Lots and lots of comments about it. One layer chocolate marble with chocolate cream, the other layer a white cake with lemon. HOWEVER, she sold the place a few years back and when we got my sons first birthday cake from there in 2007, it was absolutely awful. Not only did they completely botch the design but the cake was dry and terrible. They begrudgingly gave us a 50% refund. Never again.
    Things could've improved since then but I won't risk it.
    Recently had a fantastic cake from Porto's at a friends party.

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      Porto's cakes aren't fancy in terms of decoration, but their price to value ratio is fantastic, and the cakes are very good -- particularly their carrot cake.

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        So sad to hear this-I was her decorator for about 8 years,until about a year and a half before she sold. Helena was the most amazing woman and friend. Is, actually. And she would be very sad to hear this news. I would have told you to try Layers, but that has been sold too (a victim of its' own success-the owner had no time to spend with her family). I do not know where to send you in the valley anymore.