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Jun 23, 2009 08:37 PM

where to buy knives in Montreal


I am looking to get my first knife "set"- I wont be buying a ready made set as per what I've read I only really need a few basic ones. What shops are good downtown or in the Plateau? Are there any restaurant supply stores?

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  1. I recently purchased knives from Ares Kitchen Supplies, they seemed to have a large selection, they have locations in DDO,Laval, South Shore.

    I also know of Monas, on Park Av. but I have never been there

    1. There's probably a "Cuisinerie" of some sort on Mont-Royal blvd. (as far as I remember).

      Other more expensive options are "Les Touilleurs" and "La Maison D'emilie" both on Laurier St. (former is more east of Park , later is West of Park, both are walking distance of each other) for "designer" knives.

      And both of the above are at walking distance of Monas (as stated in the other post). for "restaurant" class knives.

      1. This might seem out of left field, but if I had to buy new knives, I would try to find a store in North America that sells handmade Japanese knives and get a honking big chef's knife. Most places in Montreal have pretty similar stuff--the major brands. (Ares and Depres Laporte in Laval and Les Touilleurs would be the places I would visit) I love my Globals but think there is a lot to be said for cheaper knives with softer steel that you just sharpen daily. L'Academie Culinaire was selling knives with rubberized green handles that fit that bill. Name escapes me.

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          The knives with the green rubberized handles are by Sanelli.

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            Tzanet on Acadie in the Marché Centrale has good prices on Sanelli.

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            I bought some new knives in Calgary before I moved back to Montreal. A Calgary Chef I know started importing handmade japanese knives, so I bought a few. He does ship.

            Kevin Kent

          3. A couple of years ago I bought a set of Henckels knives as a housewarming gift. Monas had the best everyday prices (about 10% less than elsewhere), though I ended up making my purchase at the Bay during their Boxing Day sale (15% off, IIRC). The Bay also carries Wurstoff and TV chef brand knives.

            In addition to the above-mentioned places, you could check out La Soupière on Ste-Catherine west of Guy and Paul's Finest, which has an impressive selection of European and Asian knives at good prices.

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              I've bought a knife on Paul's finest website. Very good price and service is super fast. Also, Paul can give you some advices (which one to choose) on knives by email and you can (if you want to save more money) pick up your purchase at his office in Lachine.

                1. re: RhondaB

                  Yes, yes, yes to Paul's Finest. He carries a large selection of knives from various suppliers (Wusthoff, various Japanese brands), and even though I am in Ontario, I've always had excellent experience dealing with his company. Very customer-satisfaction based, and as everyone above has stated, Paul is able to help tailor your order to your culinary needs.

                  1. re: RhondaB

                    The only bad thing about this store is that you can't hold the knife before you buy it. I was interested in buying one of the more exotic Japanese hand made knives but decided against it in the end simply because I would never be able to evaluate how the knife felt in my hands before I purchased it (and it was going to be a CONSIDERABLE purchase). I don't think that this is much of an issue if you are going with well known German and Japanese brands, but for something more exotic, I would be remiss not to at least SEE the knife in person before spending hundreds of dollars.

                    I e-mailed the owner to see if it was possible to come and take a look, unfortunately, he declined.

                    That being said, he has the best selection and prices of knives that I have seen ANYWHERE.

                    1. re: The Chemist

                      Paul said you can come by, only if you buy to pick-up? The Montreal Gazette article from several years ago, mentioned the writer was allowed to go to pick up his knife in Lachine(the one he ordered). Does he give any kind of guarantee on his products?

                      1. re: BLM

                        I emailed him and asked if I could come buy to take a look and that I intended to not leave empty handed. He said no.

                2. re: carswell

                  I bought from Paul's Finest and was happy with the price/quality. I don't mean to steer this thread away, but does anyone have an opinion on electric knife sharpeners? Specifically the Chef's Choice 120 (at Costco for $129). I bought a manual set-up (Spyderco) and just can't get it to work very well.

                  1. re: JedZ

                    My opinion is that a good wet stone, occasional honing, and some elbow grease will serve you better than the best electric sharpeners. There is also something relaxing about sharpening your knives. It makes me feel closer to the knife, as ridiculous as that sounds.

                3. Anyone know where to buy Mondail knives in Montreal? I am very happy with my new Mondail fillet knife but I don't want to play the shipping (which cost as much as the knife itself).