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Jun 23, 2009 08:11 PM

Ft. McHenry tomorrow

My 90 yo mother wants to visit Ft. McHenry tomorrow. Any suggestions for easily accessible (wheelchair/walker) spots for lunch close by? Thanks!

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  1. The three places I would recommend near the Fort -- the Wine Market, Pazza Luna, and Lucas -- all have entrances with a couple of steps. But with help I would think they're negotiable. The other advantage is that all three of these have easy lunchtime parking, and are away from the downtown Baltimore traffic (esp. Lombard Street, which has been gruesome with the construction).

    You may want to check their websites and call ahead:

    Pazza Luna
    1401 E.Clement Street, Baltimore, MD 21230

    Wine Market
    921 East Fort Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21230

    Luca's Cafe
    1230 E. Fort Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21230

    1. You also could check out Harvest Table, which has great salads and sandwiches. It's adjacent to Tide Point, at the end of Hull St.

      Harvest Table
      1000 Hull St, Baltimore, MD

      1. You may also want to give Hull Street Blues a look for lunch

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          Wine Market has an outdoor patio that might be reachable from the parking lot. Hull St has opened a lunch place down the street that may be accessible since it might have had to comply with new laws. Baba's Kitchen is simple, but has two outdoor tables on the sidewalk. The Hill on Charles St. is new with easy access but is not right by Ft. McHenry.

        2. It's a beautiful day....I would pick up some sandwiches from the Harvest Table and enjoy them in the park.

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            Thanks, you all. Great ideas and we had a great day. We cruised by your recommendations but had to settle for something a bit less Balto- rest rooms and no stairs primo over food at 90- at least for us! Would love to see food/accesibility rating correlated somewhere.