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Jun 23, 2009 07:36 PM

My New Favorite Pizza

A new top 5 contender. Forget all the new neopolitan style places. Co., Keste, Una Pizza Napoletana, etc., etc. Meh! I am officially changing my top 10 pizza ranking to include Pizzeria Veloce. Being a baker doesn't make a great pizzaiola, but knowing about Italian meat sure does. Sarah Jenkins, most recently of Porchetta fame, recreates my childhood memories of John's of Bleecker Street's Platonic chunks of ground fennel sausage and garlic pizza while fitting a round pie into a square pan reminiscent of Adrienne's pizza bar but better. Formerly Solex Wine Bar, now Pizzeria Veloce. Four gorgeous rectangular slices will feed 2 or 3 easily. I knocked off the whole thing myself.

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  1. Went to confim that the first time wasn't a fluke. The sausage pizza slices here are even better than Artichoke's square slices.

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      I'm sold, gutter. When you tell me it's better than Artichoke's square, which I think is the best, then I gotta hit it next time I'm in town.

    2. They have a board out front advertising a $10 special: one slice, a salad, and a beer. I was slightly disappointed in the slice, but that might just be because it was cooked in advance. It was a nice hearty serving of their square pie. The arugula salad was excellent, as was the beer.

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        Order a fresh sausage pie-4 giant squares with tons of fennel sausage and garlic- $17 and worth it.

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          I went to Pizzeria Veloce yesterday for lunch with four friends, hoping to take advantage of their $10 deal. When we got there we realized the slice it comes with is pretty small (a quarter of the 12 inch square pan) and we were hungry and two of us were pregnant so not looking to drink wine so we decided to just order three pizzas and a salad. Three of us ordered soda. The pizzas were delicious -- nice crust and we especially enjoyed the flavors of one that came topped with melted fontina and fresh arugula and grape tomatoes. However one thing happened that really irked me: While my friend still had an inch of soda left in her glass, the waiter came over and asked "would you like a little more soda?" He seemed to be offering a free refill and she said yes. Then later, when we were almost done eating (only one slice was left in the pan) the waiter came back and did the same with my boyfriend and me (we each had an inch left of soda in our glasses when we took them away). We thought he was just being nice since the place was pretty empty. When the bill came, we were shocked to see that we had been charged for two sodas each... Obviously it was our fault for not clarifying whether they were actually free refills (something I know doesn't usually happen in NYC) but I feel like he knew we were ordering carefully (my boyfriend even asked how much a soda was when we first ordered) and also it was strange how he phrased it as "a little more?" rather than "another soda?" and took the glasses away before they were empty. After a great pizza I have to say that experience left a bad taste in my mouth!

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            I don't blame you for being sour about the "would you a like a little more soda" charade. I plan on hitting Veloce for some pie, but I'll be on the lookout for the huckabuck.