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Taste of Hamilton....

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....well, not really, but there is a weekly market on Harford Road (across from the Safeway) from 4-8 every Tuesday that features a few of Hamilton's favorites. There are offerings by Zeke's coffee, Red Canoe (where I had a delightfully refreshing gazpacho, with a bit of a kick), and interesting tacos (think duck & chorizo) from Clemintine's.

There are other vendors too, including some Louisiana-style cooking, who I think may be taking over the space left vacant by Alabama BBQ. There's also a variety of other food vendors: people grilling veggies for fajitas, a place selling quinoa, and some lovely homemade ices. A few fresh produce and plant vendors are there, too.

While being there feels a tad like being around the "tribe" from the musical HAIR!, there's great eats in a community setting, and hula hoops, too!

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      I wouldn't technically call it a farmers market, since the majority of vendors are not selling fresh produce or meats. But, interesting little market for some very decent eats.