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Jun 23, 2009 06:34 PM

Need party food suggestions!

This Sunday, my roommates and I are having people over since the gay pride parade runs right by our apartment and we're friends with a ton of gay people. We're not really sure what the head count is going to be since almost everyone we invited is going to come, and I'm sure most of them will bring people.

We're starting it at like 10 AM, so we're going to make a baked egg dish and we'll have bagels. I'm going to probably end up making a couple different kinds of pizza and some sugar cookies...but other than that, I'm looking for some good breakfasty and lunchy type finger foods that aren't terribly labor-intensive. And I'm not opposed to buying an appetizer or two from the frozen section of the grocery store if anyone knows of anything particularly delicious. And obviously, the more festive it is, the better since it's for pride day!

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  1. Layers of Jello in a rainbow? That's all I got, off the top of my head...

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      Or the classic rainbow cake (although it only every seems to have three layers so I'm not sure how that qualifies it as a rainbow).

    2. You could make a sour cream coffee cake, a spanish tortilla: They say cut into small squares, but I bet you could make them in small muffin pans if that is easier for serving. Maybe some grilled sausages cut into smaller segments. Fruit salad. You could bake french toast. That is sort of a traditional preparade food.

      For a rainbow theme, you could die batches of sugar cookie dough different colors and just bake those off or roll out, layer each color atop the other and cut bars and bake.

      Have fun!

      1. How about dim sum dumplings? Something like these:

        You and your friends could even make them and then steam them. Fun and easy.

        Or vegetable summer rolls:

        1. These are also quite pretty -- goat cheese, tapenade, and sundried tomatoes on baguette:

          1. Mini Chicken Salad Pitas. Publix has mini pitas that are the perfect party size. Believe it or not, I use the "chicken in a bag" that's found next to the canned chicken and tuna. It's really not bad for chicken salad, especially when you mix in sliced almonds, dried cranberries, dried blueberries, light mayo, and a little salt and black pepper. You can make the chicken salad a day ahead and fill the pitas that morning. These were a huge hit at a baby shower I made them for.

            Chili Cups: So easy! Make your favorite chili recipe ahead of time. Spoon it into Tostitos Scoops cups, top with cheese. Maybe put sour cream on half of them too (They are really pretty with cheese and sour cream, I just hate sour cream so I always appreciate when it's not on everything).

            If you want super-easy with no cooking ahead, SuperTarget has a big variety of appetizers and desserts in the freezer section.