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Sep 16, 2004 01:20 AM

Any must-try places for ice cream in Pasadena/Arcadia area?

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After slurping soup dumplings at Din Tai Fung in Arcadia on Sunday, am thinking about dessert afterwards and ice cream would hit the spot. Any places in the area, even as far as Pasadena, that are "can't miss" venues? I know there is some soda fountain place in oldtown Pas, can't remember the name. Any other suggestions? Something with LOTS of butterfat!!!

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  1. I believe Fosselmans Ice Cream is in that area.

    1. You're thinking of Soda Jerks which is about 4 blocks south of Colorado on Fair Oaks. They serve Fosselman's ice cream I think. Fosselman's itself is on Main street in Alhambra.

      There is also a Cold Stone Creamery at Paseo Colorado, if you're into that. I like Cold Stone because they have spearmint ice cream without chocolate chips which is very hard to find.

      There is a small place on Raymond in Old Town (right across the street from the Art Store) which has rose water ice cream - very good. (and other flavors; don't know the supplier)

      Ghirardelli on Colorado makes very good malts/shakes.

      Personally though there isn't anything that beats vanilla Haagen Dazs.

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      1. there is a gelato place below/next to Cafe Santorini. in the courtyard with jhonny rockets, and sushi roku

        1. Does Bean Town in Sierra Madre still serve Fosselman's? If so, it's certainly worth a trip (a very easy trip from DTF, too, just go straight up Baldwin). One of the great neighborhood coffeehouses.

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            Yes, Bean town still serves Fosselman. Good sandwiches and chili too.

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              i second that suggestion. it's closer than going to the fosselmann's main store (though they have more selection in flavors).

            2. The soda fountain in the pharmacy on the corner of Fair Oaks and Mission in South Pasadena is wonderful. Great, old-fashioned feel to it. Raspberry malt is my favorite.

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                Twohey's in Alhambra for hot fudge sundaes