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Jun 23, 2009 04:29 PM

Looking for fun Girls Night place

I'm looking for a place in Lower Westchester that would be a fun Girls Night Out place. Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. Ruby's Oyster Bar in Rye is always reliable for a lively girls night out. Another might be Chat 19 in Larchmont but it gets very, very loud and now has a reputation for being a "cougar' bar.

    1. Avoid at all costs: Melting Pot. Aweful underground room. Too heavy, greasy food. I had horrible GI problems the next day. They sell you the cheese fondu, and try to sell you an entree, salad and dessert fondu. Way too much food!! YUck.

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        I agree. Stay away from the melting pot. Try soma 107 on mamaroneck avenue in white plains. Peniche on main street in white plains.

        1. re: kaaaassss

          Peniche is a great option - great food, drinks, and atmosphere. There's even a "lounge" downstairs with DJ and dancefloor for after dinner. Soma 107 is really good too - a little more expensive. I believe Friday nights have a DJ with a younger crowd, while Saturday night has a live band and is more mature. Globe in Larchmont is always good for a large group night out as well.

          1. re: wpfoodie

            If in the mood for Spanish-I would suggest Milonga.

        2. re: jwg

          I have a totaly different POV/experience with The Melting Pot. I did/do not see the food as being heavy,greasy, nor did anyone in my party have any GI problems.
          Nor has my 83 year old Mom who has been going 1-3 a year to CT and now WP.
          And there is much more on the menu than cheese fondu.
          And YOU CAN pick and choice just what you want to order.