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LCBO Strike Survival

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If it happens, it may not be as fearsome a scenario. It certainly wouldn't cover the Beer Stores, won't cover the private wine stores and vineyard sales, and probably won't cover the small town corner stores that have lcbo sections. And there has been an announcement that management will try to keep some stores open.

Our regular brands of various wines and spirits would still be available, but from the distributors, possible with quantity minimums. They're not the most well-publicized folks, and certainly tracking a brand or label to a distributor takes more than google skills.

The thought here is that if the trike goes ahead, this or another thread could be used to help track labels back to distributors, or introduce groups that might want to band together to meet some of the minimums. Cheers!

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  1. Great idea Snarf...for those of us already coping with the city inside/outside worker's strike the LCBO strike is not a happy prospect...if it does happen...let's hope it's a short one...given the general economic climate, I just don't get all this union militancy...

    1. Not specific tip per se, but I'd just like to say that any beer drinkers who normally buy their beer at the LCBO and would prefer not to put money in the coffers of Labatt-Ambev and Molson-Coors by going to the Beer Store should try and shop directly at one of their local breweries.

      Pretty much every craft brewery in Ontario has a retail area at their brewery. And you can also get growlers at The Granite Brewery, and both growlers and six-packs at the Mill Street Brewpub in the Distillery.

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        I think I will be using a bunch more gas if this strike happens. On the up side Grand River Brewing has a couple of beers I haven't tried yet and Robert Simpson (now Flying Monkey) has a new one coming out. I understand they had some problems with the LCBO over packaging and so were delayed.
        I guess I will be doing some driving until this mess is cleaned up.

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          Excellent suggestion! Also most of the wineries in Niagara etc will sell directly as well. It would be a great excuse to try some interesting local beers & wines!

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            There are also some of them that will do 'to door' deliveries from either online orders or subscriptions.

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              Nice Otonabee, this could be an opportunity to try some nice local wine.

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              Amsterdam Brewery is on Bathurst just north of Lakeshore.

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                I agree with gregclow. Another option to avoid The Beer Store is to go to Fermentations to make your own beer or wine. While I haven't done this myself, I've had friends that have had 2 different types of beer and both were excellent.

              2. I'm gonna survive it by giving my liver a rest. It, and my GP, will thank me!

                1. Great idea!

                  Norman Hardie, in PEC, ships by the case of 12 (case can be a mix). Not the cheapest wines, but I have really enjoyed the ones I've tried:


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                    Anyone know where the LCBO agency stores are near Parry Sound? Or even on the ouskirts of Toronto?

                  2. The only REAL problem will be spirits, since beer and wine (obviously not your brands or preferences, but still, "beer" and "wine") will be available.

                    For spirits, try Magnotta in Woodbridge, or Kittling Ridge via the QEW.
                    Some wineries even make a "port" or a "sherry", about 18 - 20% ABV.

                    Any other places?

                    1. The union and the management don't seem to have a strike in mind.
                      Maybe the part time issue will be acquiesced by LCBO, with advice from the government.

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                        Yes....what a difference in "tone" between this strike and the Toronto one...in the LCBO situation the parties seem to want to get to an agreement...not so from what I can see in Toronto...

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                          We live close enough to Great Lakes Brewery that we can just drop by and pick up some Orange Peel Ale!

                      2. We headed to the local LCBO at Bayview the other day to buy 2 bottles of wine as presents.

                        Shelves were bare, they had lines for people with 2 bottles or less - the other lines were comprised with people with MULTIPLE shopping cards full of booze...we're talking thousands of dollars here...

                        You would think we lived in a city full of Alchy's!!!

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                          haha...you should have seen the Parkdale liquor store last night. It was like a scene out of Mad Max. I half expected to see one of those old hobos come crashing through the front doors on a rascal scooter covered in chains and human skulls.

                          1. re: jamesm

                            Heard today that yesterday was the busiest (in terms of $ sales) that the LCBO has ever experienced...amazing...