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Jun 23, 2009 02:46 PM

kid friendly food in Napa?

We will be in Napa in July with two girls 8 years old and 15 years old- both good eaters. Where shall we go for pleasant and appropriate meals?

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  1. You'll get more traffic on this topic in the San Francisco group which covers Napa.

    My picks however:

    Ubuntu (vegetarian but don't let that disuade you - probably in my top five of all-time meals ever and very kid friendly/kid fun).

    Oxbow Public Market is a GREAT place for lunch. Stop at the stalls and have each kid pick out their lunch. Nice tables out back overlooking the river and room to run.

    Have fun!

    1. This will probably get moved to the SF board, but anyway...

      We always enjoy burgers and shakes (or root beer floats!) at Taylor's Automatic Refresher. There's one next to Oxbow Public Market and one further north in St. Helena. The burgers are good sized and delicious, the garlic fries are covered in garlic-buttery goodness, and the root beer floats are refreshing.

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        Taylor's refreshers is right on the money! WHat a fantastic place, where the family can eat outside. SInce the children have good palates, another great place is Mustards off of 29 and Bouchon in Yountville for dinner. Bisto Jeanty is my fave place and I think works very well for adults and kids. They have the best French Fries ON THE PLANET and a fun, bistro atmosphere.

        Also, for a treat that is not a restaurant and might seem a little creepy... at the top of Atlas Peak, near SIlverado Country Club (Off the SIlverado Trail) is a Pet Cemetary... (I told you it sounded creepy) But, early in the morning and at dusk, it is a very peaceful place with many species of wild animals. Mule Deer, Wild Turkey's, Rabbits.. everywhere. What is most interesting, is they are in an animal loving, peaceful place and are not very afraid. You can get very close to them. A friend who has a home there told me about it, with the same warning, but with the knowledge that it was truly magical. I have taken friends there every trip.

        Have a great time!!

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