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Jun 23, 2009 02:26 PM

Quick Lunch on the Way to Sonoma

I'm heading to Sonoma for a day trip on Friday. My flight arrives at noon and I'm sure I'll be hungry! I'm looking for a lunch spot close to SFO, on the way to Sonoma so that we don't lose too much time. I'm open to pretty much type of cuisine, though prefer a more casual atmosphere. Any suggestions?

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  1. Which way are going going to Sonoma. It will probably be best to get through San Francisco as quickly as possible. If you go by the Golden Gate bridge there is an In and Out just past the Richardson Bay Bridge. If you go through Berkeley there is Picante just off the Gilman street exit. If you do take the Bay Bridge please use the right roadway this time.

    1328 6th St, Berkeley, CA 94710

    In-N-Out Burger
    798 Redwood Hwy, Mill Valley, CA

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      You sly devil, It took a while for me to "get it", but when I did, I smiled. adam

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        Thank you for the help! I was looking for somewhere to go FOREVER and could not come up with anything. Really appreciate it.

      2. In the middle of the day on a Friday, Golden Gate Bridge is faster. To minimize traffic, take 380 to 280 to 1 North.

        That takes you through the Sunset and Richmond districts, where there are lots of board favorites, such as Kingdom of Dumplings, South Sea Seafood, Shanghai Dumpling, Spices, and Spices II. Long topic on good cheap places in that area:


        In-N-Out is a Southern California chain. If you're craving a fast-food burger, the local counterpart Nation's has a branch in Daly City a few blocks off 280.

        Nation's Giant Hamburgers
        301 S Mayfair Ave, Daly City, CA