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Jun 23, 2009 02:20 PM


We just purchased our first grill and am looking to find a place to get good Kosher meats and chicken to cook. Also, a store to buy fresh fish would also be appreciated.


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  1. Not sure where you are located, but if it's Baltimore, the Baltimore Kosher Community Survey ranks the top 3 in this order (and I concurr):

    1. Wasserman & Lemberger
    7006-D Reisterstown Road
    Baltimore, MD 21215
    Supervision: Rabbi Hopfer/Star-K & Rabbinical
    Council of Greater Washington

    2. Shlomo's Kosher Meat Market
    506 Reisterstown Road
    Baltimore, MD 21208
    Supervision: Star-K & Rabbinical Council of Greater

    3. Seven Mile Market
    4000 Seven Mile Lane
    Baltimore, MD 21208
    Notes: All packaged products from Bakery, Dairy
    Department, Fresh Meat, Fish, Deli, Prepared Foods
    under Star-K when stated on sign/label.

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    1. re: treetop tom

      I'll second Wasserman & Lemberger as the best in the Baltimore/D.C. area. It's not a grill food, but their corned beef is amazing. W & L makes a weekly delivery to Silver Spring, possibly elsewhere in the D.C. area.

      D.C. area kosher butchers are Shaul's in Silver Spring, Shalom in Wheaton, and Koshermart in Rockville.

      184 Rollins Ave, Rockville, MD

      Shalom Strictly Kosher
      2307 University Blvd W, Wheaton, MD

      Shaul's Kosher Market
      1319 Lamberton Dr, Silver Spring, MD

    2. Some supermarkets, Trader Joes and Harris and Teeter for example and some Giants, also carry packaged Empire chicken pieces. Some even carry Glatt kosher packaged meat.

      1. If you are a member, you should browse the Costco website. They have had prime Kosher beef on their lately. I assume it is delivered frozen. But it is reasonably priced for such a product.

        You can also contact: Kosher Organic Local
        Disclaimer: I have never tried their products but a friend is involved in the company and swears by the product. I trust her opinion.