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Jun 23, 2009 02:14 PM

What to get at Le Bernardin?

My wonderful husband is taking me there tomorrow night for my birthday and the menu looks fantastic! Neither of us have been there before. Would you recommend the regular prix fixe or springing for the tasting menu? What are the best dishes in your opinion? Thanks!

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  1. Just went on June 3rd for my one year anniversary (make sure your husband tells them it is your bday and they will do something special at the end). We did the tasting menu with wine pairing. OMG...soooo decadent. I have ordered a la carte before, but this was the way to go and you will not be dissapointed. Every wine is explained to you and the service is outstanding. I can't wait to hear what you think.

    1. Lucky lady! Definitely spring for the chef's tasting menu. I did it with the wine pairings, and the service was super attentive and warm. The food was to die for, particularly the scallop and the lobster (I went last summer so I'm sure the tasting menu has changed, but both dishes were cooked perfectly and I would recommend getting it again, whatever the preparation). It was really nice to have everything described by the waiters and sommeliers, but truthfully, I think I enjoyed the sommelier's service more than the wines. It was nice to learn a bit about each wine, but if you know about wine, or have a bottle you prefer, I'd say order your own. I'm not sure if it's changed but when I went, I didn't find the wines enhanced the dishes all that much. But it is all part of the indulgence. :) Have fun!

      1. Went there 2 weeks ago with a friend, did the chef's tasting and he's still talking about the cod in basque sauce till today. The surf and turf is famous for a reason, the sauce marrying both meat and escolar beautifully. I wasn't quite as fond of the scallop and perhaps the oysters were too subtle for me, but they made it up with everything else. It's a lovely experience but I thought they could give me less food because by the end, I was just way too stuffed.
        Also, I was bracing for cold/indifferent service but it wasn't the case. The server found out I liked fromage blanc and gave us two different versions of it and also added on the egg dessert for us. Yum!

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          OMG...that egg dessert was one of the most sinful and decadent things I have ever eaten....yum!