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Jun 23, 2009 02:00 PM

Great bakery in Blue Bell

For the life of me, I can't understand why I never see other customers in Roma Bakery on Dekalb Pike (Route 202) in Blue Bell (close to Skippack Pike). I've purchased an endless assortment of beautiful pastries from Roma over the years and everything has been delicious and flawlessly presented. I think the location of Roma works against it, as it's very close to the almost-constant congestion at the intersection of Skippack Pike and Route 202.

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  1. Went there for the first time a few weeks ago and bought a wonderful Italian rum cream cake. One of the best I've had, including those from South Philly bakeries.

    1. The parking lot may not be full of walk-in trade but they must be doing something right, like catering and special orders. They've been there a long time - over 20 years if I'm not mistaken. And, yes, to anyone who is not a huge fan of Italian pastries (as I was not years ago) prepare to have your mind changed. Excellent!

      1. I've been there a few times. I think their pastries are good. I also think they're expensive. It's not the first place I think of when we're in the mood to buy some breakfast pastries.

        1. I'll have to try it. I am desperate for a good bakery in the area.

          Do they have standard bakery items - like butter cake, pound cake, etc. - or is it just italian items? I could really go for a good gooey butter cake, but feel like I need to drive into the city for one!

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            Yes, AmblerGirl, Roma's has many standard baked items but you won't find "standard" prices there. The place is expensive, but their selection is extraordinary and the quality is excellent. I would not consider Roma's for routine baked goods shopping. As an example, let me say that their marizpan delicacies are incredibly delicious and flawlessly, gorgeously created. I've only seen/tasted better at Dean and DeLucca on Bleeker Street in New York. The place is far above and beyond standard fare. It's costly, but very much worth...... it in my humble opinion.

            1. re: Enjoy Good Food

              If you want REALLY good pound cake try Stock's in Philly. It's kinda funny though, think soup nazi of the poundcake world.

              1. re: john237

                Yum, I'm from the northeast and we have had stocks poundcake at every event in my family since I was born. Its the best, sliced thin with the chocolate icing on top. Its such a far drive from the burbs though. I wish we had something as good out here.

                1. re: AmblerGirl

                  Stocks was the place that complained about Philly maybe banning transfats. They don't use butter in their pound cake so to me it is tasteless.

            2. re: AmblerGirl

              The Flourtown Bakery on Bethlehem Pike makes a butter cake. I've never had it but everything else there is good and very reasonable.