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Jun 23, 2009 01:48 PM

'98 Mouton Rothschild for Dad's Bday...where to go?

I was gifted a Mouton Rothschild (Pauillac) '98 and have been hanging on to it for a couple of years waiting for a special occasion. Meanwhile, why not just celebrate with my Dad (his birthday) and Fiance at dinner tomorrow night?

Can you help me?

*great service
**moderate corkage fee
***somewhere that would appreciate the wine and the occasion. Don't know if it would need decanting, etc.
****good/great food at around or less than $30/entree. Possible? Not looking for Per Se or the like, just a very reliable place where we will all be made welcome.

Thanks very much in advance.

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  1. there was an excellent thread on this topic a year or two ago...try a search, as it contained many good suggestions, including:

    -- call ahead, and check to make sure corkage is the same as before, as these things tend to change
    -- choose a place w/ a good sommelier who will decant it properly, make food suggestions, etc...(i.e. don't just hand it off to the waiter)
    -- be prepared to be underwhelmed by the bottle in question, as who knows whether it might have gone bad or if it's truly to your either bring a second bottle of something else too, or choose a place where you'd like to order something from their list...

    If it was me, i'd consider going to Keens or to a bistro...but my left field suggestion would be to go to Peasant in Nolita and enjoy it with their amazing suckling pig liver entree...

    Another option: get some great cheeses, pate, jambon, bread, etc and enjoy it at home (or in Central Park) with no corkage fee whatsoever...

    1. The wine would require red meat to make any sense right now, it is a BIG wine. I'd pair it with a steak. A French Bistro might be the right choice. La Sirene on the LES comes to mind. In Mid Town I'd go with Marseille. Both places allow corkage and the food is right for the wine.

      A 98 is very young so it will need a lot of air, 3 - 4 hours in the decanter prior to dinner at least