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Jun 23, 2009 01:48 PM

Bambou, Greenwich Ct

Now that I have been given good information on Baang (Thanks everyone) I stumbled upon this other Asian in the back country of Greenwich. What's the word on this place? The website looks pretty good...

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  1. We had a very nice dinner there last month. The food was enjoyable and the service was attentive without being annoying. We only ate various sushi, but they offer a great deal that looked good as it went by.

    1. are you talking about Bambou in Glenville located in the Mill? If so, we eat there/get take out from there all of the time. the food is fabulous. The fish is fresh and we also love the cooked dishes. personally, I like it better than Baang - but Baang has been around for ages and has a fun vibe while Bambou is rather new and more quiet.