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Jun 23, 2009 01:41 PM

where to find "makhua phuang"/pea eggplant

I live in central NJ and searching for pea eggplant/ makhua phuang.

does anyone know any grocery store which sells it ?


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  1. Is it ok to resurrect a 6 year old question that was not answered? I just got back from my 6th trip to Thailand, and am dying to find MaKhua Phuang, tiny green pea eggplants. I am in Northern NJ, but will travel to NY, NJ, or CT.

    I am assuming this question was never answered because I read they are not allowed to import these. I was hoping they may grow these in Florida, like they do the green golf-ball-sized eggplants, Ma-kuea, which are easy to find in Chinatown or Terri Lee Grocery in Maywood, NJ.

    Anyone have a source for makhua phuang?

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      Thanks for teaching me something new today...I have never seen/read about these before. A quick Google found this thread, but the OP is from Sweden:

      Sound like you need a Thai market...anyone? I'm wondering if H-Mart (Edison) would have them or at least know where to send you...

    2. A little poking around the internet brought me to a wikipedia page that might help you on your search. Not sure if it's the same plant but it seems to fit your description.