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Jun 23, 2009 01:15 PM

Windmill Resto & Bar (Middle Eastern?)

I was walking up Bay St. the other day and did a double-take when I saw a chalk board outside an unassuming restaurant listing 'Sayadiyeh' as a daily special - which was unexpected to say the least (Sayadiyeh is an arabic dish of baked rice and fish - somewhat akin to a biryani, but different spicing of course). A quick inspection of the menu revealed a mostly 'Mediterranean' slant (pasta etc, pretty generic stuff), but also a few fairly obscure and labour intensive arabic/middle eastern dishes, as opposed to the usual fast food type kebabs that seem to be the staple of middle eastern food establishments in the GTA.

I was only able to find a few suspiciously glowing Google reviews online - anyone actually been to this place and can comment on the food? It's at 1033 Bay, a few blocks south of Bloor. There's a sizable patio out front that was packed with the after-work happy hour crowd.

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  1. Cant figure it out either... the sign say mediteranian, the logo & name is a windmill (dutch?) yet many dishes are middle eastern....

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      They state on their signs that they are "Mediterranean MIddle Eastern" cuisine. Right now they are offering 10% off on all dishes. Still never been there!

    2. its where the croissant tree used to be. very curious.

      1. The patio isn't as sizable as it seems, half of the patio belong to the pub next door, but it is still a nice size given the area. I've never seen people sit inside, just on the patio.

        1. Has anyone been here and if so - verdict?

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            I walked by today at about 1230pm and they were closed, no hours posted on the door.

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              They are open though - I walk by at 5:30 on weekdays and it's usually pretty full

          2. I live nearby, and have visited a couple of times since they opened. I'd say that the food is mostly Persian, with some Greek/Italian themed dishes. My wife and I have had their clay pot stews and their stuffed pastries. We generally enjoyed the food, but found it to be quite rich (especially the pastry... like eating a tablespoon of butter). I love that they use Israeli couscous (the bigger, chewier kind), and in fact I think that was the best part of my meals.

            The prices and portions were decent. It's not fast food - more like a Persian diner. We'll definitely go back, but mostly because of the proximity.

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            1. re: Underdog Rally

              I was just there on Sunday -- it is Palestinian-Turkish cuisine plus other stuff. I talked with the staff, and The Windmill refers to a Jerusalem flour mill. This extract is from Wikipedia(TM) --

              "The Montefiore Windmill (less-commonly known as the Jaffa Gate Mill[1]) is a landmark windmill in Jerusalem, Israel. Built in the Mishkenot Sha'ananim neighborhood in 1857, which was then in Ottoman-ruled Palestine, it was designed as a flour mill."