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Fun downtown Toronto place for kids, with good food that adults can enjoy?

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I'm looking for a good lunch/dinner place in downtown Toronto this Saturday (loosely defined as anywhere bounded by the 427, DVP, lake, and Eglington). There will be two kids (ages 6 and 8), so I want someplace that has an interesting atmosphere for kids, but also has good food that us two adults can appreciate. Chucky Cheese has the fun, but not the good food. Canoe has the good food, but not the fun. I'm not concerned with prices. I'd appreciate any recommendations. Thanks.

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  1. we hear Crush's second location, a gastro-pub, do not re-call name, on Elm, kids-friendly.

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      It's called the Queen and Beaver, quite good (but some teething problems- no pun intended), and I understand they have a children's menu, but check in advance. Might not be great fun, though. Don't know how much time you have, but maybe a trip to the ROM and then lunch in their restaurant?

    2. Teppanyaki for the kids?? Yamato used to be OK (haven't been in a long time).

      - Terroni (unless the kids are fussy since they're resolute about their no-substitution policy

      Korean bbq can be a hit for the junior set -

        1. Marche at Front and Yonge isn't bad, at least it's a feast for the senses for them.

          1. If I were a kid, the funnest restaurant in the world would be Hooters. I hear they have great wings.

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              hooters has a great kids menu and the girls treat the little ones like royalty....and its not too bad for the dads either...but the menu is somewhat limited

            2. please do let us know where you end up and how it went, especially for the kids.

              1. Sorry for the late update. Turns out it is tough to find a place that kids think is fun that also serves good food. We ended up grabbing some pastries from Marche for breakfast. And had an early dinner at the early show of Medieval Times. Now MT isn't anywhere near the class of Canoe for food quality, but the fun factor is very high and I'd say that the food was decent.

                Best hit was the School Bakery and Cafe in Liberty Village for brunch. Patio is spacious, and the blackboards are a fun talking point when kids are on summer vacation. =) The best dish was Nirvana french toast with strawberries, pistachios and chocolate. I'd go back alone to get that just so that I don't have to share.