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Leftover prime rib subs, need cheese help.

I have leftover prime rib from our Father's Day meal. It came out perfect and medium rare, however, there is only enough of it left to make some nice subs for dinner. I am foing to roast peppers and onions, but, I am up in the air over the type of cheese I should use. Havarti, mozz, swiss?? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Maytag blue or gorgonzola. Yummy with beef. If you're not blue cheese fans, swiss or cheddar maybe.

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    1. re: corneygirl

      Oh wonderful, i didn't think about gorgonzola. Maybe I'll do a French Brie for my blue-hater of a hubby, thanks!!

      1. re: joanna.mcmaster

        Tho' he hates blue he might stil like gongonzola, especially if you can get the dolce. I also like sharp Cheddar with beef.

    2. I n Philly they would recommend some Whiz, but I like the idea of blue or brie.

      1. I would go for a mozz or provolone, but blue cheese is one of my favorites. Just never thought about putting it on a prime rib sandwich. I had one at a restaurant and they used a smoked provolone that was very good. Are you going to have au jus for dipping into? One of my favorite meals right there. I wish I could come over!

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        1. re: danhole

          Oh yes, plenty of au jus!! I'm so excited, i can't leave the office quick enough. Invite next time i have a little more rib left :)

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            I just think mozzarella and provolone could be a little namby pamby with beef. Especially with a litte horseradish on it :)

          2. I would allow the beef to remain the star of the show!!! Either no cheese or maybe white cheddar?......Wait!!!! Is that a slight hint of horseradish I detect???

            Have Fun!

            1. Havarti sounds kind of good to me!

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                I like Havarti also as well as Jarlsberg. HELL, there's hardly a cheese I don't like

                1. re: c oliver

                  Put cheese on almost anything and I'll eat it.

              2. Jfood would recommend Provalone and a quick melt uner the broiler, but not too long as you want to keep the meet as is.

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                  I adore my panini grill and that's one of the reasons. I can heat or not various components of the sandwich. So I'd putting those onions and peppers on hot, the meat cold and then the cheese. The grill melts the cheese, keeps the vegetables warm and doesn't much effect the doneness of the meat. We're on Cape Cod now after a week in NYC and I'm missing that little machine :)

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                    Your in Cape Cod in a year when lobster prices are as low as possible, with fried clams at every intersection, with some great ice cream shops and you want your Panini? Oy, jfood did not raise a good mom.

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                      Oh, kidlet of mine, there's a lobster in the sink and steamers and Little Necks in the fridge. There will be a feast here tonight for just the two of us :)

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                        Zero sum game...jfood has poker so it is baked tostitos, salsa and lousy pizza with diet A&W root beer.

                        Enjoy the Cape.

                        Jfood's trick for a sweeter lobster is to get them really angry and aggitated right before they take a bath. Not very lobster-friendly but what the heck.

                        1. re: jfood

                          I don't know if the water is too cold and s/he is lethargic or perhaps dead? But hasn't moved in a while. Eek. Was live when went into the water so we figure/hope we won't die from it.

                2. First thought for me is gruyere, havarti.
                  Second blue or gorgonzola (I like gg not a big blue cheese fan)
                  A good aged sharp cheddar

                  I like to make a light aioli with herbs and a little horshradish and mayo that compliments the prime rib.

                  To me it also depends what is what is on the side, salad, grilled or roasted potatoes, pasta salads, etc. Personally I love a creamy white cheese but there are many options.

                  1. horseradish cheddar might be tasty