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Jun 23, 2009 12:09 PM

Fayetteville, AR?

Going to be in this part of the world next week. Have never anywhere around here before so it's an all new adventure for me. I'm staying at the hotel on campus at the Univ of AR and probably won't have a car. Any suggestions on not to be missed eats in the area?

Also, will be at the Farmers Market one morning as part of my itinerary. Am coming from Phoenix, AZ where it is dead of summer right now so looking forward to the market delights. I hear this is a really nice market - again, anything I shouldn't miss? Any great items to bring home for friends, family, and self?

Didn't see much info searching so apologies if I"m missing some obvious information!

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  1. I lived in Fayetteville for 8 years, through college and a few years after. Its beautiful up there, although very hot at this time of year. I see your staying at the Inn at Carnall Hall, and their restaurant, Ella's is pretty good. They're most known for Sunday Brunch. As for other dining, you're a short walk or cab ride to Dickson Street. If you're looking for more upscale dining, I'd suggest Bordino's or Theo's American Kitchen. You can look them over at and 1936 Club and Amelie's Meditteranean Kitchen are also good restaurants, I don't know if they have websites or not though. Also, check out It will give you a run down of a lot of stuff to do while you're in town.

    As for the Farmer's Market, I'm not sure exactly what all they'll have at this time of year, but its worth the trip anyway. The Fayetteville Square is always beautiful this time of year, and its right off of Dickson Street anyway. Although its uphill, so you may want to take a cab if you're not prepared to hoof it.

    For more budget friendly dining along Dickson Street, a good lunch spot can be found at the Hoghaus Brewery. Good, inexpensive food, and you can sample the many different beers they brew onsite. Also, Hugo's. Its located off the square, almost underground, so it could be easy to miss. Its mostly a burger place, but they have great food, and a great atmosphere. Its a Fayetteville institution, especially for college students. Also, if you're there on a Monday evening, check out Mickey Finn's Irish Pub. On Mondays, they do 25 cent chicken wings (they're great by the way) and have really great beer specials. (if you're into that sort of thing.


    I'm sure I'll remember more later, so I'll check back in on this thread as often as I can. But you'll be staying right in the heart of Dickson Street, so I'm sure you'll be able to find plenty to do. Enjoy.

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      Is "Restaurant On The Corner" still there. It may not be any good, but it was definitely an institution.

      1. re: mrwaterslide

        I lived in Fayetteville from 2001-August of last year, and I can't say that I ever visited the place. It could be there for all I know, but it must have lost its luster with people, because I've never even heard of it.

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          What i should have said was that it was there the last time I was through there, which was perhaps more years ago than I want to think about.

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            They are still in town, but no longer in Fayetteville. They moved out past the drive in on 112 into a building with ROTC and Corner Grill combined.

      2. Thanks for the information! Will definitely be helpful!

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          feel free to post anymore questions you may have about Fayetteville. I miss living there so much, so talking to someone about will give me the chance to ramble on about how great it was.

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            OH, and I'm sure you already have it, but here is a link to the restaurant at your hotel. The Inn at Carnall hall is a nice quiet place, and has a great view of the Old Main Lawn. I don't know how many of the trees were damaged during the ice storm last year, but sitting out on the patio for coffee in the morning will be nice regardless.
            Anyway, here is the link for the hotel restaurant, Ella's

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              Ziggylu, just wanted to pop in here and see how your trip went, and what you ate while you were "on the hill." I'm heading up there for a weekend trip next month, already have my reservations at Theo's. Also jaunting over to Eureka Springs for a day or two, can't wait to eat breakfast at Mud Street Cafe.