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Jun 23, 2009 12:07 PM

Birthday Dinner with Family

My parents are coming up to Boston from Philly in two weeks to take my boyfriend and I out to celebrate my birthday. I am having a hard time deciding on a restaurant and wanted to throw out a few options and see some feedback. I love seafood and I want to make a day of it- walk around and have some drinks before dinner. Not too stuffy of a place, they like to let loose! I have a gluten allergy and have checked with the following restaurants to ensure they can accomodate me.

- Rocca
- Stella
- Avila
- Scampo
- McCormick & Schmick's faneuil hall
- Legal Seafood waterfront
- Prezza

any other suggestions...

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    1. Of those on your list, I've only been to Prezza, Scampo and Legal, and I think Prezza is far superior. Based on what I've read on this board, I'd say it's far superior to the others on your list, too. Plus, the North End is a delightful place to walk around. You could get a drink at the bar at Lucca first.

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        I second this. And for dessert you can head over to Modern pastry.