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Jun 23, 2009 12:05 PM

Maple Marshmallow and Other Delights: Europea Espace Boutique

You have been holding out on me, Chowhound! I was at Europea Espace Boutique the other day, having some lunch and picking up some macarons, when I discovered my newest obsession: maple sugar marshmallow. Soft pillowy marshmallow rectangles covered in a light dusting of maple sugar. This is heaven. This is only for the sweetest of sweet tooths, and the maple flavour is very pronounced - not burnt per se, but very very mapley. Anyone have any details? I forgot to ask if they were made there or elsewhere.

They also make maple waffles - gauffre liègeoise - which is delightful, as I haven't seen many of this style of gauffre in Montreal. And of course the macarons - I really love the peach one.

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    1. re: Alyson777

      If The Google is correct:

      33, Rue Notre-Dame O. Montréal, Québec H2Y 1S5
      T : (514) 844-1572

      1. re: kpzoo

        it's between st laurent and st sulpice, place d'armes metro station.

        1. re: superbossmom

          I was there yesterday and had an apricot marshmallow, really sweet but it sure hit the spot.
          Their other tarts and desserts all seem to come from Premiere Moisson,
          it was garbage pick up day and all the boxes were there out front.
          I wonder who supplies them with macarons ?

          1. re: superbossmom

            Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe they bake all their goodies themselves. Europea's pastry chef, Roland Del Monte, has been awarded the title Meilleur Ouvrier de France, and I guess it's his team who provide the Espace boutique with their pastries and stuff.

            1227, rue de la Montagne, Montreal, QC H3G1Z2, CA

            1. re: mystikdrey

              The tartelettes looked identical to the ones at PM, they had all the flavors. Maybe they only outsource those.

              1. re: superbossmom

                cant wait to try the maple sugar marshmallows, pity this store closes at 5 and not open weekends. We enjoyed a bag of varied marshmallows, eg peach pear etc at the macaron place on bernard, definitely for those with sweet tooth

                1. re: wilmagrace

                  appreciate the heads-up on the hours of operation, wilmagrace.
                  does it ever sound yummy!

                  1. re: bakersdelight

                    I was a little disappointed as went to buy the marshmallows and they dont exist anymore, the macarons were miniature type so i went afterwards to bernard store to get marshmallows (actually a produce of cupcake store/petits gateaux on mont-royal east)and macarons. The staff at Europea boutique could not communicate in English so could be a problem for them in that tourist area of Old Montreal.